Friday, 24 May 2024

Axiom Verge: Expanding Its Reach to PlayStation Vita

Developer Tom Happ has exciting news for fans of the sci-fi Metroidvania-style game Axiom Verge. The PlayStation Vita version of the game is set to arrive on April 19, joining the previously announced Xbox One and Wii U versions. In a recent post on the PlayStation Blog, Happ shared some insights into the development process of the Vita port and the challenges he faced.

Overcoming Challenges for the Vita Port

Porting the game’s engine to the PlayStation Vita proved to be a difficult task. Happ discussed the technical hurdles and the breakthrough achieved with the help of Slickhead Games’ Tom Spilman, who played a vital role in enhancing the functionality of the engine.

Reflecting on Axiom Verge’s First Year

As Axiom Verge celebrates its first-year anniversary since the initial release, Happ took a moment to reminisce. He shared personal experiences that surrounded the game’s launch, including the loss of his beloved canine companion, Max, and the subsequent financial struggles. Happ also mentioned the challenges faced when his son, Alastair, was born with a severe case of jaundice.

Despite these hardships, Happ found solace in the success of Axiom Verge and the unwavering support from the fans. Their support not only allowed him to provide for his family but also motivated him to continue creating.

Cross-Buy Option for PlayStation 4 and Vita Owners

For PlayStation 4 owners who already own Axiom Verge, there’s good news. The PlayStation Vita version will be available as a cross-buy, meaning you can download it at no additional cost upon release. Additionally, the game will be discounted by 10% during its first week.

Our Perspective

Tom Happ’s achievement of creating Axiom Verge as a mostly one-man project is truly exceptional. It’s a reminder that supporting indie developers can make a significant difference in their lives. The challenges Happ faced during the original release of Axiom Verge make the game’s success even more remarkable, and the support from fans played a crucial role in helping him overcome those hardships.

With the upcoming release of Axiom Verge on PlayStation Vita, more gamers will have the opportunity to experience this captivating sci-fi adventure. So mark your calendars for April 19 and get ready to explore the wonders of Axiom Verge on your PlayStation Vita.


Q: Is Axiom Verge available on other platforms?
A: Yes, along with the upcoming PlayStation Vita release, Axiom Verge is already available on Xbox One and Wii U.

Q: Can I download the PlayStation Vita version for free if I already own it on PlayStation 4?
A: Yes, Axiom Verge offers a cross-buy option, allowing PlayStation 4 owners to download the Vita version at no additional cost.


The arrival of Axiom Verge on PlayStation Vita is an exciting development for fans of the game. The dedication and passion of Tom Happ, combined with fan support, have made it possible for this indie project to reach new heights. So get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Axiom Verge once again, now on your PlayStation Vita.