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11 Tips to Master The Division 2

Welcome, agents! Whether you’re embarking on this adventure solo or with a crew by your side, we’ve got you covered with some essential tips to help you thrive in The Division 2. In this guide, we’ll focus on strategies for the early stages of the game and provide insights into improving your skills, obtaining the best gear, and tackling challenging scenarios. So, gear up and prepare to conquer the wasteland!

Skill Configuration: The Power of Teamwork

Playing with friends? Consider equipping different skills to create a well-rounded team. By utilizing a combination of Turrets, Drones, the Chem Launcher, and the Hive, you can dominate enemy forces. If you’re playing solo, prioritize acquiring the Hive skill as it can provide valuable support when you’re separated from your healer. Once you have the Hive, feel free to add additional firepower with your next skill choice.

Enhance Your Skills through Upgrades

While default abilities are useful, unlocking variant abilities can greatly enhance your skills. Upgrading the turret transforms it into an incinerator, and the Hive can become a booster to increase your teammates’ combat efficiency. Keep an eye out for SHD Tech, which can be found in safe houses and obtained through specific side missions. Use SHD Tech to unlock new skill variations or perks.

Gear Manufacturers and Skill Mods: Choose Wisely

Did you know that each piece of gear in The Division 2 is created by fictional manufacturers? Pay attention to the background image of your gear to identify the manufacturer. Wearing multiple pieces from the same brand grants bonuses that can significantly impact your gameplay. Additionally, don’t forget to mod your skills. Explore the available augmentations for each skill by clicking the “mod” button.

Beginner Perks: Boost Your Progression

Invest your introductory perk points wisely by prioritizing XP bonuses. These perks reward you for achieving headshots, multi-kills, exploiting weaknesses, using the environment, and staying alive for extended periods. Maximize these bonuses as early as possible. It’s also recommended to invest in perks that increase your capacities, such as expanding your backpack inventory space, equippable armor kits, and crafting haul size.

Deconstruct, Sell, or Donate?

Rather than selling excess guns, consider checking the projects desk to see if your unwanted gear can fulfill any project objectives. Completing projects grants various rewards, including weapon mods and firearm blueprints. Donating gear also provides valuable experience points. Dismantle unnecessary items at settlements to obtain materials for crafting. Save most of your crafting for mid- to late-game.

Control Points: A Gateway to Loot

Keep an eye out for control points in each district. These short but challenging conflicts against enemy forces offer access to supply rooms filled with valuable loot crates. Even if you don’t find an immediate upgrade, the supplies obtained can benefit you in other aspects of the game. Control points also serve as convenient fast-travel portals.

To Dark Zone or Not?

Venturing into the Dark Zone during early leveling is a mixed bag. On one hand, you can acquire powerful gear and experience the thrill of tense encounters with other players. However, entering the Dark Zone without support can be risky. It’s best to bring friends along. Keep in mind that leveling up in the Dark Zone is separate from the main leveling progression. Consider exploring the Dark Zone more extensively once you reach the endgame.

Survey the Battlefield: Plan Your Approach

Before engaging enemies, take a moment to survey the battlefield and analyze their configuration. Identifying enemy positions and planning your strategy can give you the upper hand. Consider utilizing grenades to take out groups and find positions that limit the enemy’s ability to flank you. Beware of rushing enemies or R/C cars sent your way.

The High Ground Advantage

In conflicts with multiple levels, strive to secure the high ground. The elevated position provides better sight lines for all weapons, especially when placing turrets. Even if enemies take cover, your turret will decimate them. Sneak into the conflict zone and establish your position on the high ground for maximum advantage.

Positioning and Remaining Hidden

Enemies tend to rush your location frequently. Take advantage of blind fire to keep them at bay and protect yourself. Blind fire is particularly effective against close and mid-range enemies. If you feel compromised, find a new position to avoid being overrun. As a solo player, use the Turret to block enemy paths and gain the upper hand.

Faction Keys: Unlock Rare Loot

Keep an eye out for medicine cabinets in underground or interior locations. Interacting with them may reward you with a faction key that unlocks specific crates containing rare loot. Don’t miss out on these valuable resources!


Q: Can I play The Division 2 solo?
A: Absolutely! The game offers a compelling solo experience, allowing you to progress and enjoy the story at your own pace.

Q: How often should I upgrade my gear?
A: As you progress, regularly assess your gear to ensure you maintain a competitive edge. Upgrade whenever you find significant improvements to your stats and bonuses.

Q: What is the endgame content like in The Division 2?
A: The endgame offers a variety of challenging activities, including raids, strongholds, and the Dark Zone. Engage in cooperative gameplay to tackle these exhilarating missions.


By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the treacherous world of The Division 2. Remember to adapt your playstyle based on your preferred approach, whether that’s playing solo or with friends. Explore the vast array of skills, gear, and upgrades available to create a unique play experience. Good luck, agents, and may your journey through the wasteland be a victorious one!

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