Saturday, 25 May 2024

10 Video Game Characters Who Deserve More Respect

There’s no denying the abundance of iconic characters in the world of video games. From beloved mascots like Mario and Pikachu to complex protagonists like John Marston and Joel and Ellie, the industry has given us countless memorable characters. However, there are some video game characters who have not received the recognition they truly deserve. In this article, we will shed light on 10 of these underappreciated characters, highlighting their unique qualities and contributions to the gaming world.

10. Sackboy – LittleBigPlanet

Sackboy, the lovable mascot of LittleBigPlanet, captured the hearts of many players during the previous console generation. However, since the release of the game on the PS4, Sackboy seems to have faded into the background. Despite the criticisms of its floaty platforming mechanics, LittleBigPlanet offered players an unparalleled creative experience, allowing them to design and share unlimited levels. It’s time for Sackboy to make a comeback, and fans can help make it happen by expressing their interest to Sony. Let’s bring back the charm of this adorable character in 2019!

9. Winston – Overwatch

In the world of Overwatch, some characters receive more attention and playtime than others. Unfortunately, Winston often finds himself overlooked, ranking among the least-played tanks in the game. However, Winston deserves recognition for more than just his gameplay abilities. He is a talking genius gorilla inventor, and that alone makes him a remarkable character. It’s time for Blizzard to give Winston the spotlight he deserves and showcase his intelligence and ingenuity in future updates.

8. Bomberman

Bomberman has been a beloved character for over 35 years, but he still lacks a proper name. Referred to simply as “Bomberman” or “White Bomberman,” this character deserves better recognition from the gaming community. His backstory reveals a tragic tale of a robot slave forced to create bombs for an evil empire. Despite his circumstances, Bomberman perseveres and continues to battle opponents for the past 30 years. It’s about time Konami acknowledges his significance by giving him a real name and creating a new, true-to-roots Bomberman sequel.

7. The Riddler

While The Riddler may be a psychotic criminal, his intricate and challenging puzzles set him apart from other villains in Gotham City. The Riddler’s dedication to crafting unique challenges for Batman showcases his intelligence and thoughtfulness. He even goes so far as to create collectible trophies for Batman to find. Let’s appreciate The Riddler for his cleverness and the effort he puts into creating challenging experiences for our caped crusader.

6. Old Man – The Legend of Zelda

The Old Man in The Legend of Zelda is a character who deserves respect and gratitude for his generosity. When the young hero Link embarks on his journey, the Old Man provides him with a sword, setting him on the path to saving Princess Zelda. Throughout the game, the Old Man offers valuable guidance, helping Link overcome various obstacles. Let’s remember the crucial role this character plays and show him the respect he deserves.

5. Time Lord

While the Time Lord game may not be well-known, the character deserves recognition for his iconic appearance. Dressed in a striking outfit, the Time Lord exudes an aura of mystery and intrigue. Though we may not be familiar with the game itself, the character’s striking design demands our admiration.

4. Lakitu – Super Mario

Lakitu, once considered a jerk in the original Super Mario Bros., has evolved and become a helpful character in subsequent Mario titles. He serves as the camera operator, rescues racers in Mario Kart, and acts as a referee in various Mario sports games. The reformed cloud turtle has proven his worth by providing assistance and contributing to the enjoyment of Mario’s adventures. It’s time for Lakitu to receive the recognition he deserves and perhaps even star in his spin-off game.

3. Yoshi

Yoshi, despite being a beloved character, has endured a series of mistreatments from Mario over the years. In Super Mario World, Yoshi was subjected to abuse, used as a vehicle, and even punched in the back of the head to swallow dangerous objects. Despite this, Yoshi has prevailed, starring in his own successful puzzle games. It’s time for Yoshi to be appreciated for his loyalty and intelligence, showcasing his capabilities beyond being a mere sidekick in the Mario universe.

2. Elena Fisher – Uncharted

Elena Fisher, the wife of Uncharted’s protagonist Nathan Drake, deserves recognition for her resilience and unwavering support. Throughout the series, Elena constantly finds herself rescuing her husband from dangerous situations. Her selflessness and determination highlight her admirable qualities. While Nathan may be known for his treasure hunting adventures, it’s Elena who truly embodies the spirit of a heroic and capable individual. Let’s acknowledge Elena’s contributions and her role as a beacon of strength in the Uncharted series.

1. Mavis Beacon

There is one video game character who stands out as deserving the utmost respect – Mavis Beacon. As the virtual typing teacher, Mavis Beacon not only taught us a valuable real-world skill but also made it fun through interactive gameplay. Her drills and exercises improved the typing skills of countless individuals, and her influence can still be felt today. Mavis Beacon’s prowess as a typing teacher is undeniable, and her impact on our lives deserves our utmost appreciation.


Q: Are there any upcoming games featuring these characters?
A: While there may not be any announced games featuring these characters at the moment, the gaming community can rally for their return by expressing interest and support to the respective developers and publishers.

Q: What can I do to show support for these underappreciated characters?
A: Engage with the gaming community, share your love for these characters on social media, and express your desire to see them receive the recognition they deserve. Your voice can make a difference!


It’s important to recognize and celebrate the contributions of all video game characters, even those who may be overlooked or underappreciated. Each character brings something unique to the gaming world, and their stories deserve to be heard. By acknowledging and showing support for these underappreciated characters, we can ensure that their legacies continue to resonate with future generations of gamers. Let’s give credit where credit is due and elevate these characters to the level of recognition they truly deserve.