Friday, 24 May 2024

Advanced Tactics: Mastering XCOM’s Combat

In the world of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, brute strength and Rambo tactics alone won’t cut it. As a would-be general, you’ll need to coordinate your elite soldiers with precision. Join us as we explore some advanced tactics, featuring a three-person squad.

XCOM HQ has received reports of alien activity near a small American town. Our team lands near a gas station and ventures into a fog-enshrouded battlefield.

The Sniper’s Advantage

Our Sniper, codenamed Cornbread, is equipped with a state-of-the-art Skeleton Suit, allowing him to grapple to higher ground. From his vantage point in the canopy, Cornbread gains the advantage of Damn Good Ground, a perk that provides offensive and defensive bonuses. This prime scouting position is crucial for our mission.

Unlocking the Heavy’s Potential

Beneath the gas station’s roof, our Heavy unit takes a strategic position with a clear view of the store’s interior. Inside, a deadly unit of Mutons awaits. Thankfully, our Heavy is safely protected by high cover, but the suppressive fire from the Mutons restricts his movement.

The Power of Teamwork

To free the Heavy from his predicament, our Assault unit moves to the rear of the building and climbs onto the roof. Her Run & Gun ability allows her to dash across the roof, ultimately flanking the Muton suppressor through a destroyed section of the roof. This strategic move not only frees our pinned Heavy but also creates an opportunity for the Sniper.

Overcoming Obstacles

With the Heavy no longer under fire, he sets up a well-aimed rocket launcher that remodels the station’s exterior. Instead of using explosive weapons to eliminate the remaining Muton, the Heavy’s calculated move provides Cornbread with a clear line of sight.

The Rewards of Strategic Thinking

Thanks to this carefully executed strategy, we not only keep all of our units alive but also preserve valuable collectible tech from the aliens. We can now bring this tech back to headquarters, where our scientists can develop new technologies.


Q: Can I use these tactics in any XCOM game?
A: The tactics discussed here are primarily based on XCOM: Enemy Unknown. However, many of the principles can be applied to other XCOM games as well.

Q: Are these tactics suitable for beginners?
A: While these tactics may require some experience and understanding of the game mechanics, they can be adapted and simplified for beginners. Practice and experimentation are key.

Q: Is it necessary to have a three-person squad for these tactics?
A: No, these tactics can be adapted for squads of varying sizes. The key is to understand the strengths and abilities of your soldiers and coordinate their actions effectively.


Mastering XCOM’s combat requires more than just brute force. By implementing precise coordination, utilizing specialized abilities, and thinking strategically, you can overcome even the most challenging battles and emerge victorious.

Remember, practice, adaptability, and a keen eye for tactical opportunities are the keys to success in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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