Monday, 27 May 2024

League of Legends Company Riot Games Focuses on Sustainable Future

Riot Games, the renowned publisher-developer behind the popular game League of Legends, has recently announced some significant changes aimed at ensuring a more sustainable future. While the company will be laying off 530 employees, it is important to understand that these decisions have been made to consolidate efforts and focus on high-impact projects that will benefit players in the long run.

A Shift towards Sustainability

In a recent announcement, Riot Games’ CEO, Dylan Jadeja, and co-founder and chief product officer, Marc Merrill, emphasized the need to move towards sustainability as the driving force behind these changes. The company recognized that, while it had been successful in managing its projects in the past, it had reached a point where spreading its efforts too thin was becoming unsustainable.

To address this, Riot Games made the difficult decision to eliminate approximately 11% of its global workforce. These adjustments primarily affect teams outside of core development. The company acknowledges the impact these changes have on individuals and their families and assures that they approach these decisions with respect and sensitivity.

Prioritizing the Player Experience

Riot Games is committed to prioritizing the player experience and has identified areas where it can have the greatest impact. By reducing investment in non-essential areas, the company aims to redirect resources towards projects that players truly need and appreciate.

This renewed focus will allow Riot Games to consolidate its efforts on its most prominent games, including League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and the highly anticipated fighting game, Project L. Additionally, the Riot Forge arm of the company, responsible for third-party-developed games under the “A League of Legends Story” umbrella, will be concluding its new game development after the release of Bandle Tale.

Looking Towards the Future

Riot Games remains optimistic about the future. By streamlining its operations and doubling down on its core games, the company aims to ensure the best possible experience for its players. It recognizes the importance of constantly evolving and experimenting, which is why it plans to keep seeking innovative ways to engage its community.


Q: How will these changes affect the development of League of Legends?
A: These changes will not impact the ongoing development of League of Legends. Riot Games remains committed to continuously improving and expanding the game, ensuring that players have a rich and immersive experience.

Q: Will there be any changes to the developer teams of other games, such as Legends of Runeterra?
A: While there will be some adjustments to the development team of Legends of Runeterra, Riot Games’ digital card game, the company plans to focus on further developing The Path of Champions, a player-versus-environment mode that has proven particularly popular.


Riot Games’ recent announcement regarding layoffs and operational adjustments may come as a surprise to many. However, it is important to understand that these decisions are driven by the company’s commitment to sustainability and delivering the best possible experience to their players. By focusing on their core games and high-impact projects, Riot Games aims to create a future that is both successful and enjoyable for everyone involved.