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46 Tips for Mastering Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is an exciting game that has captured the attention of players worldwide. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to improve your skills, we’ve compiled a list of 46 tips to help you become a master of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Story Mode Tips

  1. Level up characters: Leveling up characters in story mode unlocks new link events, which are short conversations with each fighter. Each character has seven conversations, unlocked every ten levels.

  2. Full clear: To level up characters quickly, tackle every possible fight in story mode and then replay on hard difficulty.

  3. Experience boosters: Equip experience boosters in the skills tab of the story mode’s party menu for extra experience per fight.

  4. Focus on experience: Since A.I. opponents in story mode are often pushovers, equip three experience boosters to minimize grinding.

  5. Tactical approach: Use health regeneration, defense, and special attack power-ups against tougher opponents in later stages of story mode.

  6. Cancel the final boss attack: The final boss has a devastating attack that can be canceled by using a Dragon Rush.

  7. Solo character focus: If you want to level up a specific character, remove other characters from your party and fight solo. Be aware that losing will restart the current map.

  8. Unlock all scenes: To 100% story mode, unlock every conversation and story sequence. Main and sub-plot scenes unlock after finishing the story mode and rescuing all party members.

  9. Unlock special events: Special events require specific party members and enemies. Pick the right characters to unlock these events.

  10. Check unlocked scenes: Use the “Arc Gallery” option in the story mode’s main menu to see which scenes are still locked. Silhouettes indicate characters needed to unlock each scene.

Combo Tips

  1. Auto-combos: Explore the three types of auto-combos – light attack, medium attack, and heavy attack – to perform basic combos.

  2. Flowing auto-combos: Light and medium auto-combos flow well together, punishing unsafe moves and transitioning into super moves.

  3. Basic combo flow: Master the basic combo flow: Light – Medium – Crouching Heavy – Heavy – Light – Medium – Heavy.

  4. Increased damage combo: Use the basic combo mentioned above to deal more damage and spike the opponent down, delaying their recovery.

  5. Super move finisher: End combos with a super move when the opponent is grounded.

  6. Elongate combos: Combine standing and crouching attacks to extend combos. Experiment with different character combinations.

  7. Air combo jump cancel: Extend air combos by jump canceling after a mid-air medium attack. Add light – medium – light to start the air combo.

  8. Limited jump cancel: Note that you only get one jump cancel in these combos.

  9. Air launches without heavy attack: Swap standing and crouching medium attacks to launch opponents into the air. Combo with a super or set up offense.

  10. Character-specific variations: Each character has unique combo variations. Learn different combos for each character and experiment with assist attacks.

  11. Practice makes perfect: To learn combos effectively, practice them repeatedly in training mode until they become muscle memory.

  12. Disable auto-combos: Hold backward during combos to disable auto-combos and chain multiple light attacks quickly.

  13. Red and blue combo counters: Pay attention to the combo counter color. Red means the opponent cannot escape the combo, while blue means they could have escaped if they pressed light attack.

General Strategy Tips

  1. Avoid charging Ki: Charging Ki during a match is generally not worth the time, as there are more effective actions to take.

  2. Counter fireballs: Beat fireball attacks by using Super Dashes, Vanishes, or supers. Back + special attack deflects fireballs.

  3. Deflect attacks: Master the timing of back + special attack to deflect various attacks.

  4. Punish Super Dashes: Punish Super Dashes with a heavy attack before they land, allowing you to start a combo easily.

  5. Use special moves: Utilize quarter-circle forward + special attack moves to punish longer-distance Super Dashes.

  6. Punish blocked Super Dashes: After blocking a Super Dash, punish aggressive opponents with a low medium attack.

  7. Swap opponent’s character: Combo into a Dragon Rush, wall-bounce, and then combo into a Dragon Rush again to force your opponent to swap characters.

  8. Maximize damage: If you have three bars of Ki, tag in your other team members during a combo to deal more damage.

  9. Unique Meteor Attacks: Use assists and hold assist buttons to call in your partners’ unique Meteor Attacks.

  10. Assists for coverage: Make use of assists to cover approaches, mix up opponents with Dragon Rush, and more. Be cautious as opponents can hit your assists and combo two characters at once.

  11. Air dashing: Double-tap forward in midair to air dash, allowing for better maneuverability and combos.

  12. Sparkling Blast: Activate Sparking Blast for increased combo damage and fast healing. Use it strategically, considering the number of characters remaining on your team.

  13. Summon Shenron: Complete combos between 10-19, 20-29, and so on, to collect Dragon Balls. With seven Dragon Balls and seven bars of Ki, summon Shenron for unique bonuses.

  14. Shenron’s priorities: Prioritize using Shenron’s abilities based on the health and conditions of your characters.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Dragon Ball FighterZ and becoming a fierce competitor. Practice, experiment, and enjoy the thrilling fights that await you!


  • Q: How can I level up characters quickly in story mode?

    • A: Tackle every possible fight, equip experience boosters, and replay on hard difficulty.
  • Q: Can I unlock all scenes in story mode?

    • A: Yes, by rescuing every party member and completing specific requirements.
  • Q: How can I extend combos?

    • A: Use jump cancels, air launches, and character-specific variations.
  • Q: What is Sparking Blast?

    • A: Sparking Blast enhances combo damage and healing. Use it strategically.
  • Q: How can I summon Shenron?

    • A: Collect all seven Dragon Balls with combos and use them with seven bars of Ki.
  • Q: How should I prioritize Shenron’s bonuses?

    • A: Prioritize healing, health restoration, additional Sparking Blast, and reviving a downed character.


Dragon Ball FighterZ combines fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay, making it a must-play game for fans of the series. By following these tips and strategies, you can level up your skills and dominate the competition. Have fun unleashing powerful combos and experiencing epic battles in the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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