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5 Best ADC Picks to Climb Ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.15

Heading closer to Worlds (with the LPL representatives ready), the patch notes are starting to shape up the international tournament. Although there have been some interesting changes, like Camille buffs and Taliyah jungle making a comeback, the bot lane meta remains largely unchanged.

Changes to the ADC Role in League of Legends Patch 13.15

Before we dive into the list of the best ADC picks, let’s take a look at the changes made to the role in Patch 13.15. Kai’Sa received nerfs, mainly targeting her AP scaling and cooldown reduction, while Caitlyn got buffs to improve her scaling with crit-based builds. These changes have the potential to shift the rankings in this list.

Unfortunately, the Caitlyn buffs may not make her a strong contender just yet. Riot Phroxzon hinted at more buffs for Caitlyn in the upcoming Patch 13.16, so we might see her rise in the next list.

For more details, you can check our League of Legends Patch 13.15 Summary.

Nerfs and Buffs in Patch 13.15

5. Xayah


With Worlds approaching, Xayah is expected to rise even higher in the list. Despite not receiving any buffs, Xayah remains one of the most stable ADCs in this patch.

Xayah is perfectly suited for the heavy engage meta, as she pairs well with supports that have crowd control. Her ability to follow up with her roots using Bladecaller (E) makes her a deadly duo. Additionally, her ultimate Featherstorm (R) acts as a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, allowing her to escape sticky situations that are common in this meta.

Currently, Rakan is a popular support pick, and Xayah synergizes exceptionally well with him. However, Xayah’s playstyle requires upfront aggression to maximize the damage from her feathers, which also makes her struggle against the top picks on this list.

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4. Kai’Sa


Kai’Sa has been dominating the ADC ranking for a while, so it’s no surprise she received nerfs. However, these nerfs didn’t render her useless. Although impacted overall, she still possesses great mobility, scaling with Evolve, and the ability to delete targets with her combo.

The issue with Kai’Sa now is that she is more vulnerable in the early game due to the nerfs to her base HP. In an engage-heavy meta, where other ADCs can delete your health bar in seconds, Kai’Sa finds herself bleeding out in the first stages of the game.

However, if you have already mastered Kai’Sa, you can still play her and perform well. Just prioritize her AD or Hybrid build and check our recommended guides to maximize her potential. If you are struggling against Kai’Sa, we also have helpful tips for you.

3. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune makes a strong comeback in this patch. The nerfs to Kai’Sa, along with a new variation of her lethality build using Duskblade of Draktharr, have made Miss Fortune a powerful pick across all ELOs, especially in lower ones.

Miss Fortune boasts great range, early game dominance, and powerful teamfight potential with her Bullet Time (R). Paired with engage supports, she can pressure the enemy in the early game and snowball with kills to carry the game.

However, Miss Fortune does have some weaknesses. She lacks mobility, gets outscaled by stronger picks, and relies heavily on good positioning to deal damage. In higher ELOs, where players can exploit these shortcomings, playing her becomes more challenging.

If you want to learn how to play Miss Fortune or counter her, we have the resources you need.

2. Ezreal


Ezreal maintains his place as the second pick on this list. His versatility and safety with Arcane Shift (E) make him one of the most popular champions in the meta. The use of Trinity Force has solidified his position since Patch 13.10.

Although Ezreal is not in the top spot on this list, he boasts a 56.99% win rate in Masters+, making him the strongest champion for high ELO players. If you are in high ELO, picking up Ezreal might be your best option.

However, it’s essential to have good skill shot accuracy, especially with Mystic Shot, as it is your main source of damage and key to maintaining your passive stacks. Additionally, Ezreal can still be easily eliminated by assassins like Naafiri.

If you want to improve your mechanics and learn how to play Ezreal effectively, we have the recommended guides for you.

Before moving on, here are a few honorable mentions that are still great picks but couldn’t make it to the list:

  • Swain: A rising pick with increasing win rates in the bot carry position.
  • Samira/Nilah: Lethal picks when paired with engage supports, but require skillful piloting.
  • Sivir: Highly effective in this engage-focused meta with great utility and engage potential.

1. Ashe


Ashe takes the top spot after the nerfs to Kai’Sa. She is unmatched in the bot lane and has been consistently strong in many patches.

Ashe offers high range, the ability to engage, and utility with her slows and vision control. Her Trinity Force build allows her to deal significant damage. Currently, there is no other ADC that can match her well-rounded performance.

Ashe’s main weaknesses are bad support matchups and specific counterpicks. She lacks an escape mechanism, so positioning in fights is crucial. Despite being labeled as an easy champion, mastering the full potential of her passive Frostshot takes practice. Additionally, using her Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) effectively requires skill and experience.

If you want to climb ranks in Patch 13.15, Ashe is the champion for you. Check out our recommended MOBAFire guides to learn how to play her effectively.

The best thing about picking Ashe is that she has not been significantly adjusted for a while. With Trinity Force remaining strong, expect Ashe to dominate many patches to come. If you’re looking for tips on how to counter Ashe, CounterStats can help.

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In conclusion, these are the top 5 ADC picks to climb ranks in League of Legends Patch 13.15. Each champion offers unique strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that suits your playstyle and master it. Keep in mind that the meta is constantly evolving, so staying updated with future patches is essential for continued success.

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