Thursday, 16 May 2024

TWO Hacker Comps Worth Trying in TFT Patch 13.9

When TFT patch 13.7 introduced the mid-set Glitched Out, the Hacker trait dominated the game, rendering most comps useless. Patch 13.8 brought significant nerfs to the trait and its strongest units, but TFT patch 13.9 has changed the game once again. Now, two Hacker comps are gaining momentum and proving to be viable and even overpowered in certain situations. Let’s take a closer look at these comps and how you can tap back into the backlines and make your opponents rage.

Ezreal Hacker – Slow Reroll Strategy in TFT Patch 13.9

The first comp is Ezreal Hacker. A few days ago, a TFT YouTuber named “LeDuck” released a video discussing a bug interaction with Ezreal that allows him to cast his ability again immediately after killing a unit in melee range. This bug, when combined with the Hacker trait, becomes extremely overpowered, especially if Ezreal is at three stars.

To execute this comp, you’ll need to employ a slow roll strategy. At level six, focus on saving your economy and slow rolling until you can acquire three-star units: Ezreal and Pyke. Before obtaining your two-star Ezreal, you can play with quick draw, heist, or any strong board to maintain stability. In some cases, deliberately losing streaks can be beneficial to save up gold until 3-2 when you can search for your Ezreal.

For Ezreal’s itemization, prioritize a Mana item (preferably Blue Buff), followed by Jeweled Gauntlet, and a healing/damage item such as Hextech Gunblade or Rabaddon Deathcap. As for Pyke, you have more flexibility, and tank and bruiser items work well.

Hacker Ezreal TFT 13.9b
Hacker Ezreal Comp

When should you force this comp? If you have good Ezreal items, find a Hacker emblem, or come across a carry Ezreal augment. Remember to position Ezreal so that he engages backline carries in melee range, ensuring the bug activation. Items that provide high burst damage are ideal, and place your tanks in the front row to force enemy tanks to move forward.

Expect to see Ezreal “steal” some games in the upcoming World Championship. For a more detailed guide, check out LeDuck’s Hacker Ezreal guide.

Camille Hacker – TFT Patch 13.9

After receiving massive buffs in TFT patch 13.9, Camille is stronger than ever. One of the most effective ways to play her is in a Hacker comp. However, there are two essential conditions to meet for success.

  1. Good ADMIN effects, such as Attack Damage scaling or any type of HP increase, along with a strong hero augment like Camille’s Adaptive Defenses and Pyke’s Your Cut.
  2. A Hacker emblem or playing with Riftwalker to have an extra hacker. The increased Omnivamp from the emblem makes Camille much more durable.

If you cannot meet these conditions, consider pivoting to a Jhin comp.

Hacker Camille 13.9b
Hacker Camille Comp

How to Use Camille Hacker?

Similar to Ezreal, Camille excels in a slow roll strategy. Focus on three-starring your primary two carries: Camille and Pyke. Scouting is crucial to take advantage of good positioning on the board.

In the early game, prioritize playing strong boards, ideally with Renegades. However, any board that allows you to survive is a good choice.

Ideal items for Camille include strong attack damage items like Infinity Edge or Deathblade. Consider adding healing or survivability items like Edge of Night or Bloodthirster, and Last Whisper to deal with tanks.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to play Camille Hacker, check out the in-depth video provided.


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TFT patch 13.9 brings new life to Hacker comps with the emergence of Ezreal Hacker and Camille Hacker. These comps offer exciting gameplay and have the potential to dominate if executed correctly. Whether you prefer the burst potential of Ezreal or the durability of Camille, these comps are worth trying in your TFT matches. Stay ahead of the game and make your opponents rage with your strategic Hacker plays. For more detailed information and gameplay strategies, be sure to check out the provided resources. Happy gaming!