Sunday, 26 May 2024

Deep Silver Acquires Homefront IP and Establishes Dambuster Studios

[Update] Deep Silver, the renowned video game publisher, has recently announced its acquisition of the Homefront intellectual property from Crytek, a developer facing financial difficulties. Alongside this acquisition, Deep Silver has established its in-house development team, Dambuster Studios, located in Nottingham, UK.

Crytek USA Experiences Employee Departures

Reports have emerged regarding Crytek USA employees walking off the job due to delayed payments. Leadership figures were among those who have already departed the studio. Crytek has declined to comment on the matter. However, multiple employees have secured positions at studios such as Red Fly Studios, id Software, Battlecry Studios, and Retro Studios.

Crytek UK Staff Transition to Deep Silver Dambuster

There are indications that Crytek UK staff members are preparing to transfer to Deep Silver Dambuster. Graeme Norgate, a composer at Crytek UK, has confirmed via Twitter that he will be joining Deep Silver, expressing enthusiasm for the move.

“Goodbye Crytanic, hello Deep Silver Dambuster Studios!” – Graeme Norgate

According to Crytek’s statement, all staff from Crytek UK will transfer to Deep Silver in compliance with UK law. Consequently, Crytek will no longer maintain a UK presence.

Crytek USA Transition and Reduction of Operations

The transition of Crytek USA’s Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age development from the Austin, Texas studio to Crytek in Frankfurt, Germany has been confirmed. The studio’s presence in the United States will primarily focus on supporting North American CryEngine licenses. Employees not part of the support team will have the opportunity to apply for positions in Frankfurt.

Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli expressed gratitude to current and former staff in Nottingham and Austin, acknowledging their contributions and wishing them success in their future endeavors. Crytek studios in Budapest, Istanbul, Kiev, and Sofia will continue their operations as usual, while locations in Shanghai and Seoul are under review for potential closer collaboration.

Deep Silver’s Acquisition of Homefront IP

Deep Silver’s acquisition of the Homefront IP from Crytek marks a fresh start for the beloved franchise. The publisher also holds responsibility for the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution. Crytek had previously acquired the Homefront IP during the THQ auction for $500,000.

Crytek’s financial troubles, including delayed salary payments and employee departures, have led to the decision to divest the Homefront IP. Deep Silver’s acquisition of the franchise presents an opportunity for the publisher to invest in the IP and deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Our Perspective

This acquisition represents a positive step for the Homefront franchise, and Deep Silver now has the responsibility to ensure they create a game worthy of the new investment in both intellectual property and talent. However, it does raise concerns about the challenges faced by Crytek that led to the difficult decision of parting ways with valuable IP. We remain cautiously optimistic about Crytek’s future.

With the departure of numerous individuals from Crytek UK, it will be intriguing to witness the caliber of talent Deep Silver manages to attract for Dambuster Studios. Ideally, this new stable environment will enable the team to thrive and deliver exceptional gaming experiences.


1. What is the Homefront IP?

The Homefront IP is a video game franchise that focuses on an alternate history in which North Korea invades and occupies the United States.

2. What is Deep Silver Dambuster Studios?

Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is Deep Silver’s in-house development team, responsible for developing and continuing the Homefront franchise.


With Deep Silver’s acquisition of the Homefront IP and the establishment of Dambuster Studios, fans of the franchise can anticipate an exciting future. In the hands of a new publisher and development team, Homefront: The Revolution has the potential to captivate gamers and revitalize the series. We look forward to witnessing the evolution of this beloved franchise under Deep Silver’s guidance.