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LEC 2024 Winter – A Recap of the Exciting Conclusion and Winners

The LEC 2024 Winter Split has come to an end, and it was filled with thrilling matches and unexpected outcomes. In this article, we’ll take a look at the journey of the two finalists, MAD Lions KOI and G2 Esports, as they battled it out for the championship title. Let’s dive in!

MAD Lions KOI’s Impressive Debut

MAD Lions KOI entered the 2024 season with a relatively new roster, with only one player remaining from their previous championship-winning team. Despite being considered rookies, they proved themselves as a formidable force in the league. Their regular season performance was solid, achieving a win/loss record comparable to veteran teams like Fnatic and SK Gaming.

In the playoffs, MAD Lions KOI faced some tough challenges but managed to come out on top against teams like GIANTX and Team Vitality. Their journey to the finals was not an easy one, but they showcased their skills and determination, ultimately earning a spot in the championship match against G2 Esports.

G2 Esports’ Dominance Continues

On the other hand, G2 Esports, the defending champions, showcased their dominance throughout the season. They finished first in the regular season with an impressive win/loss ratio, only losing two games. In the playoffs, they displayed their strength by defeating GIANTX and Fnatic, securing their spot in the finals against MAD Lions KOI.

The Intense Clash of Titans

The finals between MAD Lions KOI and G2 Esports were highly anticipated, and the matches did not disappoint. MAD Lions KOI took control in the first game, securing an early lead and maintaining their advantage throughout the match. However, G2 Esports fought back in the second game, utilizing their experience and strategic prowess to secure a convincing victory.

In the third game, MAD Lions KOI once again showed their early game prowess, but G2 Esports retaliated with a formidable comeback and secured the win. The pressure was on for MAD Lions KOI in the fourth game, but despite their efforts, G2 Esports proved too strong, ultimately winning the series and becoming the Winter Split champions.


Q: What were the key highlights of the playoffs?
A: The playoffs witnessed some intense matches, with MAD Lions KOI and G2 Esports showcasing their skills and resilience. Both teams faced challenging opponents and had to overcome tough obstacles to reach the finals.

Q: Will G2 Esports be participating in the Mid-Season Invitational?
A: Yes, as the Winter Split champions, G2 Esports has secured a spot in the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational. They will be representing the LEC on the international stage.


The LEC 2024 Winter Split was an exhilarating journey filled with remarkable performances and exciting matches. While G2 Esports emerged as the champions, MAD Lions KOI showcased their potential and proved that they are a team to watch in the future. As we look towards the upcoming Spring Split, which is set to premiere on the 9th of March, we can expect more thrilling action and fierce competition from all the teams.

Image sourced from LEC’s twitter account.

Just like last year, G2 Esports is the Winter Champion of the LEC in 2024. As the other teams regroup and prepare for the next split, we eagerly await the start of the Spring Split, where new rivalries will be born and fresh stories will unfold. Stay tuned for more exciting esports action!

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