Thursday, 23 May 2024

League of Legends Patch 13.10 Summary

Patch 13.10 brings exciting changes to League of Legends, including champion updates, item adjustments, new skins, and more. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the key highlights of this patch.

Champion Changes

Several champions received buffs in Patch 13.10, such as Akshan and Kindred. These changes aim to enhance their gameplay experience and make them more competitive on the battlefield.

Item Updates

Patch 13.10 introduces a variety of item changes. Among them are the addition of new items like Chalice of Blessing, Echoes of Helia, Cry of the Shrieking City (an Ornn-related item), Lifewell Pendant, and the return of Statikk Shiv. These updates bring fresh strategic options for players to explore and utilize in their matches.

System Adjustments

In addition to champion and item updates, Patch 13.10 also includes changes to various systems within the game. Turrets, minions, and the blast cone have been tweaked for improved balance and gameplay. Additionally, some trinkets and the Teleport summoner spell have received adjustments to enhance their effectiveness.

New Skins

If you enjoy collecting skins, you’re in for a treat! Patch 13.10 introduces a new set of Snow Moon skins. Whether it’s Snow Moon Ahri, Snow Moon Morgana, or Snow Moon Varus, these skins are sure to add a touch of charm and style to your champion selection.

Snow Moon Ahri
Snow Moon Morgana
Snow Moon Varus


Q: What champions received buffs in Patch 13.10?
A: Akshan and Kindred are among the champions that received buffs in this patch.

Q: Are there any new items in Patch 13.10?
A: Yes, Patch 13.10 introduces new items like Chalice of Blessing, Echoes of Helia, Cry of the Shrieking City, Lifewell Pendant, and the returning Statikk Shiv.

Q: Which systems were adjusted in Patch 13.10?
A: Turrets, minions, the blast cone, trinkets, and the Teleport summoner spell received adjustments in this patch.


Patch 13.10 brings a wave of exciting changes to League of Legends. From champion buffs to item updates and new skins, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Step onto the Rift and explore the strategic possibilities offered by this patch. Good luck and have fun in your matches!

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