Monday, 27 May 2024

Red Dead and Others Now Backward Compatible: An Exciting Update

Welcome to Wqaindia! We have an exciting update for all the Xbox One gamers out there. It appears that Red Dead Redemption, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Wars, and Castlevania: Symphony of The Night are now technically backward compatible on Xbox One. While Microsoft has not made a public announcement yet, users have discovered listings for these games on the Xbox One marketplace.

Backward Compatibility Update: What You Need to Know

The process to download these games is a bit convoluted, so let’s break it down. First, you’ll need a digital copy of the Xbox 360 game (unfortunately, a disc copy won’t work). Once you have that, simply follow Xbox user “rockohoward” to find the listings for the games he has downloaded. It’s important to note that these games are not yet ready for distribution and may be in a testing phase.

Xbox One

User Discoveries and Excitement

Twitter user @rockohoward stumbled upon these listings while searching for information about Microsoft’s next backward compatibility update. He shared his findings on his website Excitehype and even posted a video of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 running on the Xbox One. Other users who have followed this process have also shared images of their successful installations.

Xbox One Game Installation

What Microsoft Has to Say

We reached out to Microsoft for a comment, but as of now, we have not received a response. It’s important to exercise caution when attempting to download these games through this process. While on the surface, it seems legitimate, there could be valid reasons why Microsoft has not released them to the public yet. The games may be unoptimized and untested, or there may be other technical issues. Alternatively, Microsoft may simply not be ready to make the announcement for PR reasons.


Q: Can I install these games if I have a disc copy?

A: No, these games require a digital copy. Disc copies will not work.

Q: Are these games ready for distribution?

A: No, these games appeared accidentally and are not yet ready for distribution.

Q: Will these games run on my console?

A: While it’s possible that these games may run just fine, exercise caution as they may not be fully optimized or tested.


We hope this update has piqued your interest and provided some clarity on the backward compatibility situation. Stay tuned for further updates from Microsoft regarding the availability and compatibility of these games. In the meantime, if you own the digital versions of these titles, feel free to try out this process for yourself! And remember to check out Wqaindia for more gaming news and updates.

Disclaimer: This article is based on information discovered by users and is subject to change as Microsoft provides official announcements and updates.

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