Friday, 24 May 2024

Activision’s Approach to Guitar Hero: A Fresh Perspective on the Franchise

Guitar Hero fans have voiced concerns in the past about the oversaturation of the franchise, with Activision releasing frequent retail versions of the game. However, during a recent meeting with Activision, they assured us that they have learned from past mistakes and have a new plan in place for the future of Guitar Hero.

Tyler Michaud, the senior director of product management at Activision, shared valuable insights on their approach. He revealed that there are no plans to release a new Guitar Hero game on disc in 2016. They believe that they can provide fresh content and innovative gameplay without having to rely on physical releases.

With the introduction of Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV mode, FreeStyleGames and Activision have created a dynamic platform that can be frequently updated. This mode allows players to strum along to charts that are displayed over the band’s official music video. Michaud emphasized that this new connected mechanism eliminates the need for a new disc to bring players new music.

This approach is a refreshing departure from the past. In 2007, many players were not connected to the internet, and the only way to deliver new music was through physical releases. However, with the advancements in technology and the widespread availability of the internet, Activision can now continuously update the game’s content through GHTV, ensuring that players always have access to fresh music.

Michaud expressed confidence that this new approach will prevent annualization and oversaturation from becoming issues for the Guitar Hero franchise. He commended FreeStyleGames for developing a living platform that keeps the game vibrant and engaging.

Although Michaud did not provide specific numbers, he mentioned that players can expect a substantial number of songs to be available on GHTV at launch. This indicates that Activision is committed to providing a wide range of music choices right from the start.

Overall, this new perspective from Activision is encouraging. It shows that they have taken player feedback to heart and are committed to delivering an exceptional Guitar Hero experience. By embracing a connected platform and focusing on continually updating content, Activision aims to create a more sustainable and enjoyable gaming experience for all Guitar Hero enthusiasts.


Q: Will there be a new Guitar Hero game on disc in 2016?
A: No, Activision has decided not to release a new Guitar Hero game on disc this year. They will focus on delivering new content through Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV mode, which provides a connected and continually updated experience.

Q: How does GHTV work?
A: GHTV is a TV channel-like experience within Guitar Hero Live. Players can strum along to charts displayed over the band’s official music video. This mode allows for frequent content updates without the need for physical releases.

Q: How many songs can we expect on GHTV at launch?
A: Although specific numbers were not disclosed, Activision has assured players that there will be a significant number of songs available on GHTV at launch.


Activision’s new approach to the Guitar Hero franchise demonstrates their commitment to addressing player concerns and reinvigorating the series. By focusing on a connected platform and continuous content updates, they aim to create a sustainable and engaging experience for fans. Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV mode provides the flexibility to deliver new music and gameplay without the need for physical releases. Activision’s vision for the future of Guitar Hero is certainly promising, and we look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

Our Take: Guitar Hero Live lays a solid foundation for the franchise’s new direction. Activision’s decision not to annualize the game and their commitment to post-launch plans give us hope for an exciting and long-lasting Guitar Hero experience. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a DLC plan as impressive as Rock Band’s.