Friday, 17 May 2024

25 Essential Tips for Conquering the Commonwealth in Fallout 4

Welcome, fellow Vault dweller! Whether you’re a seasoned survivor or embarking on your first journey through the wasteland, these tips will give you an edge and enhance your experience in Fallout 4. From exploration to combat strategies, we’ve got you covered. So grab your Pip-Boy and let’s dive in!

Explore the Great Unknown

In Fallout 4, there’s more to life than just following the main quests. Take the time to wander off the beaten path and explore the vast and unpredictable world before you. Discover hidden locations, encounter unique characters, and uncover secrets that will enrich your adventure.

Fallout 4 Exploration

Hack Smart, Hack Efficiently

When faced with a computer terminal, hacking can provide valuable information and unlock doors. But what happens when you fail to crack the code? Instead of wasting time, simply back out and try again. This way, you can avoid getting temporarily locked out and maximize your chances of success.

Power Armor: Use It Wisely

Power Armor is a formidable ally in combat, but its fusion cores are a precious resource. Don’t wear it while exploring the Commonwealth unless you know you’re heading into a battle. Save its energy for the most challenging encounters, and remember to retrieve it when needed.

Shed Some Light on the Darkness

When venturing into dark and dingy areas, don’t forget that your trusty Pip-Boy can double as a flashlight. Hold down the Circle or B button to illuminate your surroundings. If the sickly green glow isn’t your style, you can even customize the color in the display settings. A white hue with a hint of yellow will make it feel like a conventional flashlight.

Dress to Impress

Before engaging in conversations or mingling with the locals, consider changing into a more charismatic outfit. The way you present yourself can influence interactions and open up new dialogues. Keep some charismatic clothes and accessories handy to make the right impression and steer conversations in your favor.

Fallout 4 Charisma

Become a Social Butterfly

The Commonwealth is teeming with intriguing individuals, each with their own stories and quests. Take the time to talk to everyone you meet. You never know who might offer you a rewarding mission or provide valuable insight. Treat every encounter as an opportunity to forge new alliances and discover hidden treasures.

Embrace the Art of Hoarding

In the wasteland, everything has value. Items that may seem insignificant, like aluminum cans, can be repurposed to craft weapons, armor, and structures for your settlements. Embrace the hoarding spirit and collect everything you find. Before leaving a settlement, make sure to unload non-essential items, so you have ample space for scavenging and creating.

Strategic Salvaging

Instead of selling your unwanted guns and armor, consider breaking them down for valuable components. The Commonwealth’s economy may not offer the best rates, but by dismantling items with the Scrapper perk, you can obtain rare materials like circuitry, nuclear material, and copper. Store these materials in your settlement and use them for crafting and upgrades.

Lockpicking and Hacking: Essential Skills

To avoid the frustration of stumbling upon inaccessible safes or terminals, invest in lockpicking and hacking skills early on. Unexplored buildings are filled with hidden treasures, and you don’t want to miss out on them due to insufficient skills. Make these abilities a priority and unlock the secrets that the wasteland holds.

The Art of Gunsmithing

In the early stages of your journey, powerful weapons may be hard to come by. But fear not! With the Gun Nut perk, you can upgrade and enhance your weapons, making them more effective and deadly. Improve barrels, stocks, scopes, and other components to transform a mediocre firearm into a formidable tool of destruction.

Fallout 4 Gunsmithing

Plan Your Perks

Since you can’t unlock every perk in one playthrough, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Consider your playstyle and long-term goals. Chart your desired perks early on to ensure you don’t miss out on the abilities and advantages you want to acquire. Strategize and create a build that suits your preferred playstyle.


Q: Should I use Stimpaks on my companions?
A: While it may be tempting to heal your companions when they fall in battle, Stimpaks are a valuable resource. Save them for yourself as your companions will eventually recover on their own after combat.

Q: Can I transfer items to my companions?
A: Absolutely! If you find yourself burdened by excessive loot, transfer items to your companions. They can carry a considerable amount of weight, allowing you to gather more resources and gear without being encumbered.

Q: How do I customize my companions?
A: Dressing up your companions is not only fun but also adds a personal touch. After moving gear to their inventory, you can equip them with collars, bandanas, goggles, and even specialized armor. Experiment with different outfits and make your companions look as stylish as you desire.

Q: How do I deal with ammo shortages?
A: Ammunition can be scarce in the wasteland, so it’s wise to carry a variety of weapons that use different types of bullets. This way, you won’t find yourself running out of ammo during critical moments.


Remember, surviving and thriving in the Commonwealth is all about adaptability, exploration, and careful decision-making. Take these tips to heart, and you’ll increase your chances of success in Fallout 4. So venture forth, make your mark on the wasteland, and may the odds be ever in your favor.