Saturday, 18 May 2024

Patch 14.5 PBE Preview

With the upcoming Patch 14.5, exciting changes are set to take place in the League of Legends universe. Let’s dive into the new cosmetics, major champion changes, and major item changes that await us.

New Cosmetics

In Patch 14.5, three new PROJECT skins will make their debut: PROJECT: Gangplank, PROJECT: Jax, and PROJECT: Naafiri. Each skin comes with its own array of chromas, allowing players to customize their champions to their liking[^1^].

Additionally, the Lunar Revel celebration continues with new Chromas for the Porcelain skins. By picking up the “Opulent” chroma in the Event Shop for 300 tokens, players can add a touch of elegance to their favorite champion[^2^].

Major Champion Changes

Several champions are receiving buffs and adjustments in Patch 14.5. Jarvan IV, Kayn (Rhaast), Wukong, and Rek’Sai are among those benefiting from these changes[^3^].

For Rek’Sai, a mini rework has been implemented to increase her damage potential. Through bug fixes and adjustments to her ultimate and Furious Bite, Rek’Sai can now deal more damage on the rift[^3^].

Wukong’s passive, Stone Skin, has been modified to allow him to hold 5 stacks instead of 10. Though he loses stacks gradually, they now carry twice the power[^3^].

Kayn mains will find their Darkin form more appealing with increased healing capabilities. This change aims to incentivize players to explore different playstyles and builds for Kayn[^3^].

Lastly, Jarvan IV receives slight adjustments, such as increased armor growth and reduced cooldown on his Dragon Strike ability[^3^].

In the bot lane, Kog’Maw and Sivir receive attention after a while. Kog’Maw’s Void Ooze will now apply a stronger slow, and his Icathian Surprise ability has been improved to catch up to enemies more effectively. Sivir gets a small increase in base armor[^3^].

Vex and Veigar in the mid lane will see their damage output buffed. Veigar’s Baleful Strike will have an increased ability power ratio, while Vex’s Doom ‘n Gloom passive receives a boost as well. Additionally, Veigar’s ultimate cooldown has been reduced[^3^].

On the flip side, some junglers will experience nerfs in Patch 14.5. Bel’Veth, Evelynn, Brand, Nidalee, and Zac will see adjustments to their damage outputs and tankiness[^3^].

In the bot lane, Senna and Vayne receive minor adjustments. Vayne will be less mobile, and Senna’s Piercing Darkness will have a lower attack damage scaling[^3^].

AD Twisted Fate in the mid lane will also undergo some changes to balance his gameplay. His passive, Stacked Deck, grants less attack speed, and the bonus attack damage ratio is significantly reduced[^3^].

Seraphine, Smolder, and Yorick Adjustments

Seraphine, Smolder, and Yorick will receive a mix of buffs and nerfs to improve their viability in the current meta.

Seraphine’s stats have been enhanced, including her base attack damage, mana growth, mana regeneration growth, and base movement speed. Her abilities have also been adjusted to provide a better gameplay experience[^3^].

Smolder’s Super Scorcher Breath ability will no longer deal true damage based on the target’s maximum health. Instead, it will scale off Smolder’s own bonus AD, AP, and Dragon Practice stacks. MMOOOMMMM! ability has been adjusted to provide a more balanced experience for players[^3^].

Yorick’s Mourning Mist ability receives a reduction in damage, but the Eulogy of the Isles (R) Maiden will now be more resilient on the battlefield[^3^].

Major Item Changes

Patch 14.5 includes several small buffs and adjustments to items, particularly in the support role.

Dream Maker and Celestial Opposition will receive minor buffs to enhance their effectiveness on the Rift[^3^].

Heartsteel’s Colossal Consumption will have reduced base damage but an increased health ratio. Sunfire Cape will provide more health to champions and deal increased damage[^3^].

Certain items will see a slight increase in price, including Frozen Heart and Hextech Rocketbelt. These changes are accompanied by adjustments to the attributes offered by these items[^3^].

Solstice Sleigh will undergo some nerfs with an increased cooldown and a lower movement speed buff. The health bonus from Going Sledding will now scale with the user’s level[^3^].


Q: When will Patch 14.5 be released?
A: Patch 14.5 is set to go live on March 6th, but some changes may still be adjusted before the release[^3^].

Stay tuned for more updates and official announcements from Riot Games as Patch 14.5 approaches. Get ready to experience these changes firsthand and adapt your playstyle to the evolving meta!


Patch 14.5 brings a host of exciting changes to League of Legends, including new cosmetics, champion adjustments, and item tweaks. Whether you’re a fan of PROJECT skins or eager to explore the updated gameplay of your favorite champions, there’s something for everyone in this upcoming patch. Stay informed and be prepared to dominate the Rift with these enhancements!

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