Friday, 17 May 2024

Patch 14.6 PBE Preview

It’s that time again! Patch 14.6 is on the horizon, bringing with it exciting new changes and additions to the game. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the upcoming cosmetics, game changes, champion adjustments, item tweaks, monster updates, and more. So let’s dive in and get ready for the latest patch!

New Cosmetics

The High Noon skinline is making a return with four brand new purchasable skins: High Noon Evelynn (1350 RP), High Noon Gragas (1350 RP), High Noon Rell (1350 RP), and High Noon Yone (1820 RP). Each skin offers a unique visual theme, and as always, you’ll have the option to purchase additional chroma options for 290 RP.

But that’s not all! Two of these skins, Prestige High Noon Evelynn and Peacemaker High Noon Yone, come with prestigious variants that can be obtained through special means. Prestige High Noon Evelynn can be unlocked by participating in the Event Pass and accumulating 2000 Event Tokens. As for Peacemaker High Noon Yone, it will be available for a limited time and can only be obtained by purchasing High Noon Milestone Capsules. These capsules cost 750 RP each, and after purchasing 30 capsules, you are guaranteed to obtain the skin.

Lastly, Patch 14.6 introduces Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix, a new skin that will be available in the Mythic Store. Craft this skin using 125 Mythic Essence and unleash the power of Kha’Zix like never before!

Game Changes

In the Co-Op vs. AI game mode, several exciting changes are being implemented. First and foremost, you’ll now have the opportunity to face off against a larger variety of AI champions. The enemy AI roster has been expanded to include champions like Akali, Aphelios, Gwen, Hecarim, Nautilus, Seraphine, and many more. Prepare to test your skills against a more diverse lineup of opponents!

Furthermore, the game mode now features a designated jungler bot. This means that the traditional 2-1-2 lanes are no more! The jungler bot will utilize Smite, clear jungle monsters, and even gank lanes. Additionally, the bots can now group together and take down epic monsters, providing an even greater challenge for players.

Champion Changes

Let’s take a look at the champion adjustments coming in Patch 14.6. Several top laners will receive buffs to enhance their gameplay. Tryndamere will enjoy a small boost to their attack speed growth, while Shen’s Ki Barrier (passive) will have adjusted scaling, allowing him to have a shield more frequently and improving early game trades. Cho’Gath players can expect to use Feral Scream (E) more often, as its cooldown will be reduced. The base damage of Vorpal Strikes will also be increased, enabling Cho’Gath to push faster. Sion’s Decimating Smash (Q) will receive changes to its AD ratio, incentivizing AD builds for the champion. Though the base shield on Soul Furnace (W) will be slightly reduced, its health ratio will be increased by 4%.

In the jungle, Diana will receive buffs to her attack speed, resulting in faster clears. Her attack speed ratio will be increased, albeit with slightly reduced growth. Moonsilver Blade (passive) will now scale linearly, and the bonus attack speed duration will be extended by two seconds. These changes aim to improve Diana’s jungle performance.

A few champions will also undergo nerfs in Patch 14.6. Smolder will see significant reductions in power due to their dominance in professional play. Super Scorcher Breath (Q) will only execute targets when the damage originates from Smolder, and the execute threshold will no longer scale with Dragon Practice stacks. ADC Senna will also experience a notable hit with lowered Mist Wraith spawn rates from Absolution (passive).

Additionally, Karma will face several nerfs targeting her mid lane presence, encouraging players to return her to the support role. These changes will make mana regen items more necessary and incentivize a support build. Briar, Gragas, and Volibear will also receive adjustments, affecting their overall performance and balance.

Riot is also making adjustments to Kayn and Galio to better balance these champions. The goal is to incentivize Rhaast builds on Kayn, reducing the power gap between Rhaast and Shadow Assassin. For Galio, changes are focused on making him more viable in the mid lane without potentially overbuffing him in the support role.

Item Changes

Patch 14.6 brings some exciting adjustments to items, particularly for ADCs. Infinity Edge receives a buff to its critical damage, while Lord Dominik’s Regards and Mortal Reminder both see a 5% increase in their armor penetration. Navori Quickblades gets a change as well, now built out of B.F. Sword instead of a Pickaxe, granting an additional 5 AD.

On the nerf side, Solstice Sleigh receives a reduction in buff duration and a slightly lower movement speed bonus. Support Item Income and Epic Item Stat Efficiency are also tweaked to ensure balance within the game.

Various adjustments have been made to Doran’s Items and World Atlas. Doran’s Items (Blade, Ring, Shield) are now exclusive to jungle and support builds, preventing off-roles from utilizing these items. World Atlas’ upgrade threshold has been lowered, but gold earnings from poking and last-hitting have been adjusted accordingly. Recipe changes have been made across the board, though the prices of completed items remain largely unchanged.

Monster Changes

In an effort to balance gameplay, Voidgrubs will receive some adjustments. Previously, these creatures were quite tanky, making it difficult for a top laner to take them down alone when ahead. To address this, Voidgrubs will no longer gain a ten-second shield when a fellow grub dies, allowing top laners to handle them more easily.

ARAM Changes

Janna and Ziggs will experience small nerfs in the Howling Abyss mode. Janna’s Howling Gale (Q) will have a slightly longer cooldown, and Ziggs’ structure damage will be significantly reduced. These changes aim to maintain a fair and balanced gaming experience in ARAM.

TFT Changes

Exciting news for Teamfight Tactics players! Patch 14.6 marks the debut of TFT’s eleventh set, Inkborn Fables. This set combines various styles and aesthetics inspired by mythology and nature, featuring fan-favorite skinlines such as Elderwood, Spirit Blossom, and Shan Hai Scrolls. With sixty champions included in the new set’s roster, players can expect fresh strategic possibilities. Make sure to check out our Inkborn Fables Gameplay Overview article for a detailed breakdown of the new champions, origins, classes, and augments!


Q: When will Patch 14.6 be released?
A: Patch 14.6 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday next week.

Q: Where can I find more information about the upcoming changes?
A: For more information on the changes coming in Patch 14.6, keep an eye out for official announcements on the Wqaindia website. Visit Wqaindia for the latest updates.


Patch 14.6 is packed with exciting changes and additions that will undoubtedly shake up the game. From new cosmetics and game mode improvements to champion adjustments, item tweaks, and more, there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned for the official release and be sure to check out the Wqaindia website for all the details. We look forward to seeing you on the Summoner’s Rift!