Friday, 24 May 2024

TFT Set 8.5 Monsters Attack – Exciting New Additions!

Welcome to the world of Teamfight Tactics, where the excitement never ends! In this article, we will explore the latest patch, TFT Set 8.5, and all the amazing new traits, champions, and hero augments it brings. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the action!

TFT 8.5 Monsters Attack – A Glitched Out Twist!

Get ready for some mind-bending action as we introduce four new traits that will spice up your synergies:



The InfiniTeam trait adds a twist to the battlefield. When combat starts, any InfiniTeam unit placed on a portal summons an alternate version of themselves from a different timeline. These alternate versions come with different items and gain one item for each augment you have. Prepare for a clash of dimensions like never before!



With the Parallel trait, Ezreal learns from his older, more handsome self to join forces in future adventures. Ultimate Ezreal’s ability becomes a devastating blast that hits all enemies in a line. Additionally, Ezreal’s ability summons one additional temporal duplicate, doubling the chaos on the battlefield!



Get trigger-happy with the Quickdraw trait! Lucian, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, and Miss Fortune now fire a bonus ability projectile after every two damaging ability projectiles. Unleash a flurry of firepower that your opponents won’t see coming!



Riftwalkers bring the power of interdimensional gaps to the fight. Pyke, Vex, and Jhin open a rift and summon their ally, Zac. The strength of Zac grows based on the total star level of Riftwalkers. Prepare for a powerful ally that can turn the tide of battle!

As we embrace the new, we must also say goodbye to some traits. Arsenal, Civilian, and Recon bid farewell for now. Who knows, they may return in the future? Time will tell!

TFT 8.5 Monsters Attack – Meet the New Champions!

The introduction of new traits means a host of fresh faces joining the roster. Let’s meet the champions and the hero augments that accompany them:

Lucian – InfiniTeam, Quickdraw, Renegade (1 cost unit)


Lucian brings his incredible Chrono-Barrage to the table. His attacks deal bonus magic damage and fire four shots in his target’s direction, each dealing magic damage. Additionally, Lucian has two new augments:

  • Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Gain a Lucian. Whenever your strongest Lucian casts his ability, you gain 1 experience point, accelerating your progress.
  • Enchanted Ammunition: Gain a Lucian. When fielded, your team gains Ability Power and bonus Ability Power with every attack.

Pantheon – InfiniTeam, Heart (1 cost unit)


Pantheon won’t leave you hanging when it comes to power moves. With his ability, “Time Out!”, he leaps onto his target, dealing magic damage and stunning them. Alongside this, Pantheon comes with new augments:

  • The Best Offense: Gain a Pantheon. He gains Ability Power and Magic Resistance.
  • Chronic Hallucinations: Gain a Pantheon. At the start of combat, Pantheon and his nearby allies take reduced damage, making them formidable opponents.

Pyke – Riftwalker, Hacker (2 cost unit)


Prepare for an assassin like no other. Pyke’s “Phantom Undertow” ability allows him to stab his current target, dealing true damage and dashing behind the furthest enemy. After a brief delay, all enemies in Pyke’s path are stunned and take magic damage. Pyke’s new augments are:

  • Your Cut: Gain a Pyke. After combat rounds, gain free shop refreshes based on the number of times your strongest Pyke cast his ability.
  • Small Game Hunter: Gain a Pyke. When fielded, your team deals increased damage, especially against enemies with low maximum health.

And that’s just the beginning! We also have new additions like Gnar, Morgana, Shen, Vex, Aatrox, Garen, Jhin, Neeko, Twisted Fate, Warwick, and the incredible Ultimate Ezreal. Each champion brings unique abilities and augments that will turn the tide of battle in your favor.

TFT 8.5 Monsters Attack – A New Item Emerges!

Lesser Champion Duplicator

In addition to all the exciting traits and champions, we have a brand-new item: the Lesser Champion Duplicator. This item allows you to create a 1-star copy of a Tier 3 or lower champion. Use this item strategically to increase your army’s strength and dominate the battlefield.


  • Q: Are the removed traits coming back?

    • A: While Arsenal, Civilian, and Recon have been removed for now, they may make a comeback in future updates. Stay tuned for more!
  • Q: Where can I find more information about TFT Set 8.5?

    • A: For everything TFT-related, be sure to visit Wqaindia, your go-to source of information and strategies to enhance your gameplay.


With TFT Set 8.5, the Monsters Attack! Get ready for an exhilarating experience with new traits, champions, and an item that will breathe fresh life into the game. Experiment with different combinations, discover powerful synergies, and dominate your opponents on the battlefield. Keep an eye on Wqaindia for the latest updates and strategies to help you on your journey. Good luck, have fun, and may victory be yours!