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Alien: Isolation – A Thrilling Game That Redefines the Franchise

Alien: Isolation

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to play Alien: Isolation, a game that left me wanting more. In this article, I will share my updated reasons for why I believe The Creative Assembly has created an Alien game that has the potential to redeem the franchise.

A Slow Burn That Builds Suspense

Before diving into the game, I re-watched the original Alien film to refresh my memory. I was struck by the deliberate pacing and how the tension built slowly. Alien: Isolation follows suit by taking a cue from Ridley Scott’s methodical approach. The opening hours of the game focus on getting acquainted with Sevastopol station and its dark history. As Amanda, you are sent to retrieve the flight recorder from the lost Nostromo, which sets the stage for unnerving encounters and a feeling of isolation.

Meaningful Encounters with Survivors

Unlike previous Alien games, Alien: Isolation focuses on strategic encounters rather than mindless gunfights. Sevastopol’s population is wary and will fight if pressed. The best strategy is to avoid confrontation whenever possible. It took me some time to adapt and realize that using my weapons drew unnecessary attention. Instead, the game encourages cautiousness, resourcefulness, and finding alternate routes to slip by unnoticed.

Alien: Isolation

A Stealth Game with Room for Mistakes

Alien: Isolation is a stealth game that rewards careful observation and planning. In the opening hours, you won’t have the means to take on every opponent head-on. Hoard your resources, study your enemies’ behaviors, and choose your moments wisely. However, don’t think you’re completely powerless. There are always options for escape, whether it’s distracting enemies with flares, seeking refuge in shadows, or utilizing service tunnels. Just remember, attempting to engage the alien directly will likely result in a swift demise.

Multiple Paths, Unique Stories

Despite the linear nature of the game’s story, Alien: Isolation allows for different playstyles and approaches. During my playthrough, I found hidden floor vents and quietly navigated past armed survivors. Each choice led to a unique experience. The Creative Assembly’s goal was to create a game where players could share their personal stories with friends, highlighting the game’s replayability and depth.

Coming Soon: Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is set to release on October 7. It’s one of the featured games on the cover of our latest issue. Stay tuned for a month of features on the game and other horror titles.


Q: When does Alien: Isolation release?
A: Alien: Isolation is scheduled to release on October 7.

Q: What is the focus of Alien: Isolation?
A: Alien: Isolation is a stealth game that emphasizes careful observation, resource management, and strategic encounters with enemies.

Q: Can I engage in direct confrontations with enemies?
A: While it’s possible to temporarily defend yourself, it’s generally advised to avoid unnecessary conflicts and focus on staying hidden.


Alien: Isolation offers a thrilling and suspenseful experience that captures the essence of the original Alien film. The Creative Assembly’s attention to detail and strategic gameplay mechanics make this game a standout entry in the franchise. Get ready to face the ultimate horror in space on October 7. For more information, visit Wqaindia.