Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Anomaly 2: A Thrilling “Tower Offense” Game with Transforming Mechs

Anomaly 2

Mechs have always fascinated us, whether they’re the mighty machines from Power Rangers or the towering Gundams from anime series. The sheer power and versatility of war machines that can transform at will is awe-inspiring. Anomaly 2, a unique “tower offense” game, takes this concept to the next level with its exciting new unit-morphing feature.

Unleash the Power of Transforming Mechs

In Anomaly 2, players have the ability to morph their mechanized units into devastatingly powerful forms. For example, the Assault Hound tanks can transform into the fearsome Hell Hound, equipped with flamethrowers on each arm. The Sledge Hammer, on the other hand, can change from a vehicle with a limited firing range into the Rocket Hammer, a frog-like mech capable of shooting missiles in all directions.

These transformations aren’t just for show; they serve a tactical purpose that deepens the strategic experience in Anomaly 2. Unlike its predecessor, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, where the strategy mainly involved choosing routes and formations, Anomaly 2 introduces units that can serve multiple purposes. As a result, players must carefully consider how to best utilize their units in different combat scenarios.

Make Tactical Decisions for Victory

In the heat of battle, players face tough decisions. Should they keep their long-range Sledge Hammer firing at distant enemies to weaken them, even if it means leaving the Rocket Hammer idle during close-quarters combat? Alternatively, should they engage all units in close-range combat to face the next wave of enemies at full strength? These choices can be challenging but add depth and excitement to the gameplay.

A Tower Defense Game with a Twist

The Anomaly series has always been known for breaking the mold in the tower defense genre. While traditional tower defense games require players to set up defensive armaments to stop enemies, Anomaly 2 takes a different approach. In this game, you become the one following a path towards your goal, with the ability to tailor your route on the fly using a tactical map.

Constant changes to the battlefield, such as new enemy types and ambushes, force players to think on their feet and adapt their strategies. Exploring off the beaten path can bring valuable rewards, such as new units and resources to upgrade them.

Stunning Visuals and Immersive Story

Anomaly 2 is not just visually appealing; it also offers an immersive post-apocalyptic storyline. Set in a frozen Canadian wasteland and New York City, the game depicts a world where humanity has lost against alien invaders. Players assume the role of First Lieutenant Simon Lynx, a combat-suit user thrust into the center of the war for survival.

Controlling Lynx and his powerful combat suit, players can deploy special powers strategically throughout the levels. These powers, though limited, are crucial for keeping your units alive. Anomaly 2’s gameplay captures the controlled chaos of real-life skirmishes, with the added intensity of combat suits, mechs, and aliens.


1. When will Anomaly 2 be released?
Anomaly 2 is set to release for PC, Mac, and Linux in the spring, with a price of $14.99. While the game has been successful on iOS and Android, there are no official announcements regarding its availability on mobile platforms.


Anomaly 2 takes the tower defense genre to new heights with its innovative gameplay mechanics, stunning visuals, and immersive story. The ability to transform mechs adds a layer of strategy and excitement, making every decision count. Whether you’re a fan of mech battles or tower defense games, Anomaly 2 is a must-play. Visit Wqaindia for more information and stay tuned for the game’s release. Get ready to unleash the power of transforming mechs and save humanity from the alien threat.