Thursday, 23 May 2024

10 Characters We Hope to See in Super Smash Bros. for Switch

Super Smash Bros., Nintendo’s highly anticipated crossover fighting game, is set to be released on the Switch this year. The roster reveals for this game are always exciting, as players eagerly hope to see their favorite characters make an appearance. While we already know about iconic characters like Mario, Link, and the Splatoon Inklings, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the rest of the roster.


One character we would love to see in Super Smash Bros. is Banjo-Kazooie. These beloved characters burst onto the scene on the N64, but have been absent from Nintendo platforms for quite some time due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Rare. However, there may be hope for their inclusion, as Xbox head Phil Spencer has expressed willingness to let Nintendo use them in the series.

Travis Touchdown

Another character we would be thrilled to see in the game is Travis Touchdown. With his beam katana, assassin skills, and stylish demeanor, he seems tailor-made for a fighting game. The fact that the first No More Heroes game was a Wii-exclusive and that the franchise is making a comeback with the upcoming Travis Strikes Again on Switch makes his inclusion even more likely.

Simon Belmont

The original Castlevania game on the NES is an iconic title in gaming history, and including its star, Simon Belmont, in Super Smash Bros. would be a great homage to the past. Simon’s whip and dagger, as well as his unique abilities like freezing enemies on screen and harnessing the power of flames, could make for some devastating moves and exciting Final Smashes.


Dante from Devil May Cry would be a fantastic addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster. With his ability to utilize swords and firearms while juggling adversaries in the air, he would fit perfectly into the fast-paced gameplay of the series. Additionally, Dante has a history of crossovers, having appeared in other games like Marvel vs. Capcom and Viewtiful Joe.


Given the incredible popularity of Minecraft, including Steve, the game’s iconic character, in Super Smash Bros. would be a major crowd-pleaser. His primary move could be the pickaxe, but the development team could also come up with unique mechanics based around building and crafting new weapons and items. This would make Steve one of the most unique characters on the roster.

Classic Mario

As Nintendo celebrates Mario’s 30th anniversary, it would be fitting to include a version of the beloved plumber that harkens back to his earlier days. A retro-inspired Mario with abilities like jumping on enemies or using a cape to soar through the air would be a nostalgic treat for longtime fans. This would be a great opportunity to showcase Mario’s evolution over the years.


In every Super Smash Bros. game, there has been a recognizable face from the latest generation of Pokémon. Decidueye, the ultimate-evolved form of one of the starters from the Alola region, would be a great addition. With its dual grass and ghost types, Decidueye could bring a unique moveset to the game and provide fun and exciting gameplay options.


Rayman has long been one of the most-requested characters for Super Smash Bros., and it would finally make sense for him to join the roster in the upcoming game. Ubisoft, a major collaborator with Nintendo on the Switch, could make this dream a reality. We can only hope that if Rayman does appear, it won’t be in the form of a Rabbid.


Splatoon and Arms are two of Nintendo’s most successful franchises since the last Super Smash Bros. game was released. With the Inklings already confirmed for the roster, it would be a surprise if a character from Arms didn’t make an appearance as well. Twintelle, with her unique fighting style and personality, would be a great addition to the game.


Lastly, Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would be a fantastic addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster. With the success of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during the holiday season, it would make sense for Nintendo to include Rex as a representative of the franchise. His flashy moves and the potential for team-up attacks with his Blade Pyra would make for an exciting addition.

Q: When will Super Smash Bros. for Switch be released?
A: The release date for Super Smash Bros. for Switch has not been announced yet.

Q: Will all the characters mentioned in this article be included in the game?
A: The characters mentioned in this article are purely speculative. The official roster has not been revealed yet.

Q: Can I play Super Smash Bros. for Switch on other platforms?
A: Super Smash Bros. for Switch is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch console.

Super Smash Bros. for Switch is shaping up to be an incredible game with a diverse roster of characters. While we can only speculate on which characters will make the final cut, the possibilities are exciting. Whether it’s the return of beloved classics or the inclusion of new and unexpected fighters, fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s release. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to join the battle!