Friday, 24 May 2024

Announcing The Destiny: Rise of Iron Magazine Cover Art Contest

We are thrilled to announce the Destiny: Rise of Iron Magazine Cover Art Contest. Over the years, we have been continuously amazed by the support and enthusiasm of the Destiny community. As we dive into the world of Bungie’s next installment, we wanted to find a way to involve the community in an exciting and engaging manner.

Engaging the Community through Art

Our new art contest is a small token of our appreciation for your unwavering support. We are giving talented artists an incredible opportunity to have their creations featured as a cover for Game Informer magazine. Three lucky winners, personally selected by Bungie developers, will have their artwork showcased exclusively in an online feature on our website, These winning cover arts will feature the Game Informer logo treatment, just like all our magazine covers.

In addition to the recognition from fellow guardians, the three winners will also receive a framed, poster-sized version of their Game Informer cover. What’s more, this special piece will be signed by the Bungie development team behind Rise of Iron. As a token of gratitude, winners will also receive a collection of amazing Bungie merchandise and a digital copy of Destiny: Rise of Iron for their preferred gaming platform, courtesy of Activision and Bungie.

Sharing the Joy with the Destiny Community

While we will feature the contest winners on our website, we encourage all participants to share their entries with the passionate Destiny community throughout the month. There are no restrictions on how you choose to showcase your artwork. Additionally, we want to emphasize that your art project does not need to be the work of a single individual; collaboration is welcome. So, let your creativity flow, have fun, and send us the best Rise of Iron-themed art you can dream up.

The winning cover artists will be announced on September 2nd.

Submission Guidelines

To ensure fair judging, please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your artwork:

  1. Your art piece should be related to Destiny as a franchise, or specifically focus on features, characters, or ideas inspired by Rise of Iron. Your artwork will be judged based on its relevance to Destiny: Rise of Iron and its overall artistic merit.

  2. Email your single image attachment to [email protected]. Please note that all submissions must be received by August 29th at 12:01 am Central Time. Entries received after this deadline will not be considered.

  3. The subject line of your email must be “Destiny Cover Art Contest” to ensure that your submission is taken into account.

  4. The body of your email should include the name(s) of the artist(s) who participated in the creation of your entry. Please provide the names as you would like them to be printed online if you win. Additionally, include your shipping address and preferred gaming platform for playing Destiny.

  5. Your attached image should not exceed 10 MB in size and must be formatted in the jpg file format. The dimensions of your art piece should be 3810px x 5000px.

  6. Only one attached image per email will be considered.

  7. The contest is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada.

  8. Any artwork found to be copied from another artist’s work will result in disqualification.

For more updates on our Destiny: Rise of Iron coverage throughout this month, click on the following banner.

Destiny Rise of Iron Banner


Q: How many winners will be chosen?
A: Three winners will be selected by Bungie developers.

Q: When will the winners be announced?
A: The winning cover artists will be revealed on September 2nd.

Q: Can I collaborate with others on my artwork?
A: Yes, collaboration is allowed. Feel free to work together and unleash your creativity.

Q: What should my artwork be based on?
A: Your artwork should relate to Destiny as a franchise or be inspired by Rise of Iron. Focus on features, characters, or ideas from the game.

Q: Is the contest open to international participants?
A: No, the contest is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada only.


We are excited to see the incredible talent within the Destiny community and can’t wait to see the amazing Rise of Iron-themed artwork you create. Remember, this contest is not just about winning but also about sharing your creativity and passion with fellow guardians. So, gear up, grab your brushes, and let your imagination soar. Good luck to all participants, and may the best artworks win!