Friday, 24 May 2024

Alpha Protocol

Have you ever thought about the consequences of world peace? While it would eliminate war and suffering, it would also render super spies like Michael Thorton obsolete. Fortunately for Thorton, the world of Alpha Protocol is rife with conflict and international intrigue. Recently, we got a glimpse of the features and conflicts that gamers will encounter as they guide Thorton into dangerous situations.

A Snowy Compound in Moscow

In one mission, Thorton finds himself in a snow-covered compound in Moscow. The compound is crawling with enemies and potential allies. After clearing out the initial wave of thugs, Thorton comes face-to-face with a machine gun-wielding seductress named Sie, who commands her own militia. Thorton’s responses during their conversation will impact his standing with Sie and her troops. Adopting an aggressive and no-nonsense tone earns respect, while being glib may result in impatience and potential attacks. Thorton encounters Sie again later in the level, and if he continues to provoke her, a boss fight against her becomes an optional challenge.

Diverse Gameplay Paths

The choices in Alpha Protocol go beyond dialogue options. As Thorton progresses through the Moscow base, different gameplay paths become available. Players can choose the path that best suits their skills. One route favors run-and-gun tactics, ideal for spies proficient with machine guns. Another path emphasizes stealth and evasion, while the third involves hacking to access sealed areas. The unique abilities and skills that players allocate points to augment their chosen playstyle. Sneaky characters can run silently, while gun specialists have improved critical hits or the ability to chain multiple shots together. The various player builds provide a distinct feel to the game.

Luxurious Safehouses

When Thorton is not engaged in combat, he can enjoy the comforts of luxurious safehouses located in exotic locations such as Taipei, Rome, and Saudi Arabia. These safehouses serve as hubs, allowing players to buy information, weapons, and select missions, as well as customize Thorton’s appearance. While the basic character model remains the same, players can equip armor, hats, glasses, and even facial hair to create a unique disguise. A lumberjack beard might just be the perfect accessory to deter unwanted attention.

Polish for Perfection

Initially scheduled for an earlier release, Alpha Protocol has been given more time for fine-tuning by Obsidian Entertainment. With a new October release date, the developers have the opportunity to ensure that this blend of espionage and role-playing lives up to its potential. The game is already showing promise, and we eagerly await the results of the additional polish.


Q: What platforms will Alpha Protocol be available on?
A: Alpha Protocol will be available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Q: Does Alpha Protocol have multiplayer features?
A: No, Alpha Protocol is a single-player experience focused on the player’s choices and interactions within the game world.

Q: Will Thorton’s decisions in the game have long-term consequences?
A: Yes, Thorton’s choices and actions throughout the game will have lasting effects on the story and relationships with other characters.


Alpha Protocol offers players an exciting blend of espionage and role-playing. With a variety of gameplay paths, player choices that impact the story, and luxurious safehouses in exotic locations, the game promises an immersive and engaging experience. As the developers fine-tune the mechanics leading up to its release, we anticipate a polished and thrilling adventure in the world of Alpha Protocol.

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