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30 Creative Review Headlines for 2018

Every year, a plethora of amazing and not-so-amazing games are released, and every year, some reviewers miss the mark with their headlines. It’s crucial to captivate readers with punny headlines that elicit a groan or a chuckle. Luckily, I’m here to save the day with my experience and expertise in crafting catchy headlines. Join me as I analyze and improve 30 review headlines from this year!

Detective Pikachu

Actual Headline: A Bit Too Elementary, My Dear Pikachu
Awesome Headline: More Like “Defective Pikachu”

Ben Reeves’ headline for his Detective Pikachu review is admirable but misleading. While it references Sherlock Holmes, it’s not entirely accurate. My headline, “More Like ‘Defective Pikachu,'” gets straight to the point with a sophisticated pun without sacrificing the truth. Case closed!

God Of War

Actual Headline: Reaching A Higher Summit
Awesome Headline: Kratos Is Still Greatos – BOYYYYYY!

Joe’s God of War headline alludes to the game’s more meaningful take on the franchise but lacks the punch that fans crave. My headline, “Kratos Is Still Greatos – BOYYYYYY!” not only rhymes but also references the game’s biggest meme. It’s a win-win for fans of the series!


Actual Headline: Dripping With Unrealized Potential
Awesome Headline: The “y” Was A Big Tip-Off, TBH

Joe’s headline cleverly encapsulates Vampyr’s botched ambitions. However, my headline cuts to the chase. Let’s be honest, a purposely misspelled “vampire” game was bound to disappoint fans. Oh well, at least they don’t sparkle!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Actual Headline: Fighting For Glory
Awesome Headline: So Good You’ll O.D., See?

While giving credit to Joe for his A.C. Odyssey headline, mine takes a different approach. Playing off the double “asses” in “Assassin,” my headline makes a bold statement that reflects the game’s addictive nature. It’s a play on words that leaves no room for ambiguity.


Actual Headline: Spinning An Amazing Web
Awesome Headline: Our Spidey Sense Isn’t The Only Thing That’s Tingling!

Reiner’s headline captures the quality and narrative of Spider-Man, but it lacks a bit of excitement. My headline conveys the same information but adds a titillating double entendre that keeps readers engaged. It’s a web of puns that Spider-Man himself would appreciate!

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze For Switch

Actual Headline: Don’t Miss It This Time
Awesome Headline: Not Even Global Warming Can Stop This Great Ape

Kyle’s headline is straightforward, but it misses the opportunity to play off the game’s title. My headline not only highlights the game’s overlooked aspect but also incorporates a clever political message. It’s a great pun that will make readers chuckle while recognizing Nintendo’s environmental stance.


Actual Headline: Prickly Platforming
Awesome Headline: Fe-get It

Kyle’s headline is an improvement, but it leaves readers wondering about the game’s quality. My headline, on the other hand, cuts to the chase and tells readers straight-up not to play it. It’s a concise headline that speaks volumes.

Sea Of Thieves

Actual Headline: Fun In A Shallow Pool
Awesome Headline: Hello, 911? I’d Like To Report A Robbery: Rare Just Stole $60 From Me

Kyle’s headline cleverly conveys the game’s limitations but lacks a punchline. My headline not only criticizes the game but also adds a humorous twist by reporting a robbery to 911. It’s a lighthearted way to express disappointment.


Actual Headline: Teach Your Friends To Kill Each Other (WTF, Kyle?)
Awesome Headline: Better Than Krull…Probably?

Kyle’s headline is confusing, to say the least. Mine is a playful reference to the movie “Krull,” which shares a phonetic similarity with “Crawl.” It adds a touch of humor while keeping readers engaged.


Actual Headline: If You Give A Mouse A Mission
Awesome Headline: Change The “O” To An “I” And That’s What This Game Is

Kyle’s headline references a beloved children’s book but fails to convey the game’s quality. My headline turns the review into a fun puzzle game for readers to solve.

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Actual Headline: A Love Letter To The Past
Awesome Headline: Psst…Wake Up And Play This Game

Shea’s headline may seem fine, but it doesn’t offer anything new. My headline captures the reader’s attention by urging them to wake up and play the game. It’s informative, polite, and creates a sense of urgency.

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu & Eevee

Actual Headline: A Classic Evolved
Awesome Headline: For Sale: Nostalgia

Shea’s headline is an obvious statement that doesn’t stand out. My headline cuts to the chase, labeling these games as pure nostalgia cash grabs. It’s a humorous way to express a common sentiment among fans.

The Swords Of Ditto

Actual Headline: Rise, Fall, And Repeat
Awesome Headline: Like That Clay Pot Sex Scene?

Kyle’s headline is confusing and lacks clarity. My headline adds a touch of humor by referencing a memorable scene from a famous movie. It’s a fun way to engage readers and pique their interest.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Actual Headline: A Soulful Journey Through America
Awesome Headline: Move Over, Jesus!

Ben’s headline captures the essence of the game but lacks a definitive statement. My headline adds a touch of humor by playfully referencing Jesus and conveying the game’s quality. It’s a headline that grabs attention and sparks curiosity.

The Room: Old Sins

Actual Headline: Exploring Every Old Nook And Cranny
Awesome Headline: I’m Not Even Looking For The Exit Cuz I’m Having So Much Fun In Here!

Reeves’ headline emphasizes the exploration aspect but lacks a pun or an exciting element. My headline conveys the same information while adding a touch of humor and enthusiasm. It’s a headline that brings a smile to readers’ faces.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Actual Headline: A Noble Quest In Need Of Divine Intervention
Awesome Headline: King-Dumb, C’mon – Deliver Me From This Game!

My original headline plays off Kingdom Come’s religious themes but lacks a certain punch. My replacement headline is a playful pun that conveys the game’s mixed quality and adds a touch of humor. It’s a headline that engages readers and sparks curiosity.

Hitman 2

Actual Headline: A Worthy Investment For Expert Executioners
Awesome Headline: It’s A Hit, Man!

My original headline misses an obvious opportunity for a Hitman pun. The replacement headline captures the essence of the game with a simple play on words. It’s a headline that hits the mark!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

Actual Headline: Treyarch’s Gambit Yields Big Rewards
Awesome Headline: Black Oops, They Actually Made A Good Game This Year!

Tack’s headline highlights the developer’s risks but lacks a pun or a humorous twist. My headline directly addresses the skeptics and adds a touch of humor, acknowledging the game’s success. It’s a headline that leaves readers smiling.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Actual Headline: A Champion Welcoming All Challengers
Awesome Headline: No One’s Super Sayin’ “Buu” To This Game – It’s Krillin the Competition!

Suriel’s headline acknowledges the game’s accessibility but lacks a playful element. My headline adds a flurry of Dragon Ball puns that entertain readers and keep them engaged. It’s a headline that packs a punch!


Actual Headline: Taking The High Road
Awesome Headline: Well Owlboy Damned, This Game Is Great!

Suriel’s headline seems fine at first, but upon closer inspection, it lacks a clear message. My headline conveys the surprise and elation of how great the game is. It’s a punny headline that captures readers’ attention.


Actual Headline: More Rough Than Diamond
Awesome Headline: In Need Of A Tetanus Shot. In The Butt.

Javy’s headline is a bit confusing, as diamonds are always more refined than rough. My headline plays off the word “rust” and adds a humorous twist. It’s a headline that stands out and makes readers laugh.

Civilization VI: Rise And Fall

Actual Headline: Shining A Polished Gem
Awesome Headline: Your Heartbeat Will Rise When You Fall In Love With Civ VI All Over Again

Ben’s headline seems fine, but it uses redundant words and fails to excite readers. My headline plays on the name of the expansion, conveying the game’s quality and adding a touch of enthusiasm. It’s a headline that grabs attention and creates anticipation.

Super Mario Party

Actual Headline: Same Party, New Decorations
Awesome Headline: Spooper More-io Potty

Shea’s headline is straightforward but lacks the humor and excitement readers crave. My headline, while toilet-themed, adds a touch of playfulness and keeps readers engaged. It’s a headline that makes readers chuckle.

Red Dead Redemption II

Actual Headline: An Open-World Western For The Ages
Awesome Headline: Rad Dude Re-daaaaaaamn!-ption, TOO GOOD!

Who says you can’t have multiple puns in one headline? I’m here to prove them wrong! While the original headline is fine, my replacement headline adds a flurry of puns that leave readers laughing. It’s a headline that stands out in the crowded gaming world!

Tetris Effect

Actual Headline: A Dazzling Reimagining
Awesome Headline: Yes, That Is An “I” Piece In Our Pants, But We’re Happy Playing The Game Too!

Cork’s headline captures the essence of the game but lacks a punchline. My headline adds a playful twist by incorporating a well-known Tetris piece into a humorous scenario. It’s a headline that leaves readers smiling.

Far Cry 5

Actual Headline: Big Sigh Country
Awesome Headline: More Like Fart, Cry

Jeff Cork’s headline is a classic pun that conveys the game’s quality humorously. However, it doesn’t take advantage of an easy fart joke. My headline keeps the pun but adds a touch of potty humor. It’s a headline that makes readers chuckle.

Fear Effect Sedna

Actual Headline: Dead On Revival
Awesome Headline: Fart Effect, Said “Nah”

A fart pun always trumps other puns! Need I say more?

Way Of The Passive Fist

Actual Headline: Straying From The Path
Awesome Headline: Wiff Of The Passing Fart

Yes, you guessed it – another fart pun! They never fail to entertain!


Actual Headline: An Epic Epoch
Awesome Headline: Fart – Not!

Even good games deserve a fart pun! It’s the ultimate punchline!

Detroit: Become Human

Actual Headline: An Intriguing, But Flawed, Future
Awesome Headline:

Let’s get a little avant-garde! Joe might not be a fan of using URLs as headlines, but it’s the 21st century! And if any game deserves an avant-garde insult headline, it’s Detroit: Become Human!