Monday, 27 May 2024

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Review

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is a spinoff from the main Animal Crossing franchise that focuses on one of the series’ beloved activities – home design. In this game, players have the opportunity to personalize houses with furniture, wallpaper, flooring, and more. While it may lack the traditional elements of the main series, such as sending letters and running errands, it offers a unique and immersive experience for fans of home design.

A New Approach to Home Design

Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, where players earned items through various means, Happy Home Designer allows players to go pro in home design. As a member of Tom Nook’s home-design outfit, players have access to a vast catalog of items and the creative freedom to design unique and personalized homes for their clients. Money is not a limitation in this game, as it is the client who foots the bill, allowing players to explore their creativity without restrictions.

The Design Process

The main loop of Happy Home Designer revolves around interacting with clients and understanding their design preferences. Clients provide a few decorative elements they would like to incorporate, but for the most part, players have full creative control. As players gain experience, they can even provide landscaping services and build schools and businesses to enhance the community. Each “day” allows players to decorate one house, and advancing time is as simple as saving the game at your desk.

Endless Possibilities

Happy Home Designer offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Clients may express specific themes or preferences, but their actual needs are flexible. The game’s lack of critter criticism means that players can experiment with unconventional designs and still receive positive feedback from their clients. Whether it’s creating indoor mazes or designing unique cafes, players have the freedom to explore their imagination and create unconventional yet delightful homes.

Easier Than Ever

The mechanics of decorating in Happy Home Designer are simpler and more intuitive than ever before. With the touchscreen interface, players can easily move, rotate, and stack furniture and decorations on a grid-based floorplan. This streamlined approach to design allows players to focus solely on their creativity without the limitations of inventory management. It’s a feature that would be welcomed in future entries of the main Animal Crossing series.

Additional Features

Players can use Amiibo cards to import characters into the game, although they do not offer any special advantages. These characters have the same requests as other clients, providing a shortcut to unlock characters that would eventually appear in the player’s town. However, players are not able to decorate their own homes in Happy Home Designer, which may disappoint some fans who enjoy creating their personal spaces.


Q: Can I visit the homes I’ve designed?
A: Yes, players can visit the homes they’ve designed to make any necessary touch-ups or additions. However, the visits are menu-based, and there is no free-roaming feature in the village.

Q: Is there a sense of progression in the game?
A: While the focus of Happy Home Designer is primarily on home design, players can still experience progression by gaining experience, unlocking new items, and expanding the community with schools and businesses.

Q: Are there any online features?
A: Yes, a day-one patch allows players to upload their creations online for others to view and rate. This community-driven aspect adds an extra layer of engagement and inspiration for players.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer offers a unique and immersive experience for fans of home design. While it may lack certain elements of the main series, the game provides endless creative possibilities and a streamlined design process. Players can unleash their creativity without limitations, creating personalized homes that bring joy to their clients. Despite some missing features, Happy Home Designer is a delightful spinoff that showcases the fun and charm of the Animal Crossing franchise.