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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – A Fun Co-op Shooter Experience

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When Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel was first announced, it promised a new direction for the series, with a more serious tone and a focus on the deadly Mexican drug cartel situation. However, playing through the game, I found that it didn’t quite live up to those promises. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an enjoyable experience.

A New Adventure with Alpha and Bravo

Alpha and Bravo, the new protagonists in The Devil’s Cartel, may not be as silly as Salem and Rios, but they still bring a level of humor to the game. While the story doesn’t delve deep into the drug cartel narrative, it still manages to deliver some entertaining moments.

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Overkill Mode and Thrilling Action

One of the highlights of The Devil’s Cartel is the Overkill mode. As you destroy enemies and the environment, your rage meter builds up, allowing you to unleash this powerful mode. In Overkill mode, you become invulnerable, have infinite ammo, and every bullet you fire can separate limbs and heads from bodies. It’s a thrilling and satisfying experience that adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Co-op Gameplay and Team Tactics

While The Devil’s Cartel doesn’t require a lot of strategic teamwork, there are moments where flanking and distracting enemies are rewarded. However, even if you choose to play the game without focusing on team tactics, it can still be an enjoyable experience. The occasional step jump with your partner adds some variety to the gameplay.

A Few Glitches, but Nothing Major

Like any game, The Devil’s Cartel has its fair share of glitches, but they rarely required a restart. Some minor issues with character customization and odd line-of-sight problems can occur, but they didn’t significantly impact the overall gameplay experience.

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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel may not be a perfect game, but it delivers on its promise of providing a fun co-op shooting experience. The lack of polish and glitches may detract from the overall score, but if you’re looking to have some mindless fun with a friend while taking on drug runners, this game won’t disappoint.


Q: Can I play The Devil’s Cartel alone, or is it strictly co-op?
A: The game is designed to be played in co-op, but you can still play it alone with an AI partner.

Q: Is there any replay value in The Devil’s Cartel?
A: While the game doesn’t offer extensive replay value, it can still be enjoyable to revisit with a different approach or difficulty level.

Q: Can I customize my characters in The Devil’s Cartel?
A: Yes, there is a range of customization options available for your characters, allowing you to create a unique look.

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