Friday, 24 May 2024

Anarchy Reigns: A Unique Blend of Action and Fighting Games

Online gaming is dominated by shooters and sports games, but what if we replaced gun-toting army dudes with chainsaw-wielding maniacs and cybernetic ninjas in a 16-player deathmatch? Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns answers this question by offering chaotic battle royales and a lengthy single-player campaign. Let’s dive into this hybrid of a fighting game and action game and see what sets it apart.

An Engaging and Accessible Gameplay Experience

Anarchy Reigns combines the satisfying mechanics of fighting games and the flashy action of games like Asura’s Wrath. The ability to block attacks, perform throws, and unleash light and heavy attacks against opponents creates a gameplay experience reminiscent of Street Fighter. The game’s accessibility allows players to jump right in, while offering a learning curve for those who want to explore the deeper combat nuances. Mastering techniques such as recovering from a rough landing or breaking a combo provides an immense sense of satisfaction. However, the clunky camera and finicky lock-on system can sometimes detract from the fun. It’s challenging to fully enjoy the game when you can’t see incoming threats or select targets accurately.

A Thrilling Multiplayer Mode

The heart of Anarchy Reigns lies in its competitive multiplayer mode. With various match types, from intense one-on-one cage fights to a chaotic 16-player battle royale, the game offers a range of experiences. Environmental hazards and unexpected events, like a gigantic death laser robot entering the battle, add unpredictability to the gameplay. These moments can either amplify the fun or lead to frustrating deaths. Regardless, the ever-changing tide of battle keeps things exciting. One area where the game falls short is in the lack of diversity among the 17 available fighters (18 if you preordered, including Bayonetta). Experimentation feels limited as the characters play too similarly.

Unique and Exciting Game Modes

While the core gameplay of Anarchy Reigns is engaging, it’s the variety of game modes that truly shine. Modes like capture the flag and deathball introduce thrilling twists to the formula. In capture the flag, players can smuggle the enemy’s flag through hidden routes and take down foes before scoring. Deathball, on the other hand, plays like a violent version of rugby, with teams passing and running a ball towards opposing goals. Even if your team suffers defeat, the exhilarating gameplay keeps you entertained.

A Captivating Single-Player Campaign

Initially feeling barebones, the single-player campaign gradually reveals its depth. Players can choose to play as either Jack or Leo, familiar characters from Platinum Games’ Wii title, MadWorld. As you progress, you unlock other characters from MadWorld as well as new faces, all of whom are playable in multiplayer. The campaign takes place in open environments where you earn points to unlock new objectives. Most missions involve slaughtering waves of mutant enemies, but unlocking story missions introduces more exciting challenges and entertaining cinematic moments. While the campaign may start slow, it grows on you, offering mindless action mixed with Platinum’s trademark innuendos, corny humor, and gritty combat.

Exceptional Multiplayer Experience, with Some Flaws

Anarchy Reigns’ multiplayer mode scratches an itch that you didn’t know you had. The quick and easy online matchmaking ensures you can jump into battles with ease, and the network performance remains stable throughout. However, the game’s camera issues and the lack of diversity in character move sets hold it back from reaching its full potential. Overall, the multiplayer experience is thrilling, but it may not satisfy those seeking a top-tier action game.

  • Q: Can I play Anarchy Reigns alone?

    • A: Yes, Anarchy Reigns offers a single-player campaign that provides an entertaining experience, allowing you to unlock characters for multiplayer.
  • Q: How many players can participate in Anarchy Reigns’ multiplayer mode?

    • A: Anarchy Reigns supports up to 16 players in its multiplayer mode, offering a chaotic and action-packed experience.
  • Q: Are there different game modes in Anarchy Reigns’ multiplayer?

    • A: Yes, Anarchy Reigns features various game modes such as capture the flag and deathball, adding exciting twists to the gameplay.

Anarchy Reigns successfully blends the mechanics of fighting games with the fast-paced action of other genres. Its unique multiplayer mode and diverse game modes offer thrilling experiences for players. While the game has its flaws, such as camera issues and limited character diversity, it remains an engaging and enjoyable title for those looking for something different. Dive into the chaotic battles of Anarchy Reigns and unleash your inner warrior. Join the mayhem today at Wqaindia!