Friday, 24 May 2024

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Review

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a heartwarming experience that takes players on a journey to a scenic Mediterranean island. Join Alba, an adorable young girl, as she strives to protect her beloved nature preserve from the construction of a massive resort. This game, developed by Ustwo Games, renowned for the Monument Valley series, offers a relaxing and feel-good adventure that promotes conservation in an entertaining way.

A Quest to Protect Nature

Armed with her trusty smartphone, Alba sets out to photograph the island’s diverse wildlife. Capturing the perfect shot becomes an exciting challenge, akin to the thrill of hunting down Pokémon in the classic game Snap. With dozens of animals awaiting Alba’s camera eye, players will find themselves eager to document each creature they encounter. While the abundance of bird species might become less thrilling over time, the overall experience remains delightful.

To attract elusive wildlife, players must also engage in environmental conservation efforts. Collecting garbage and repairing fixtures like birdhouses create cleaner and more attractive habitats, attracting animals to the open. It’s a simple yet satisfying task that brings a sense of accomplishment when ducks flock to the tidy area, ready to be captured on camera. The photos taken can be used in various ways, such as replacing worn-out trail markers or impressing the nature-conscious park ranger.

A Leisurely Adventure

Alba’s ultimate goal is to collect 50 petition signatures within a week. However, players need not rush or stress to achieve this objective. Each day can be approached at a leisurely pace, providing ample time to explore and enjoy the island’s offerings. Alongside capturing photos and maintaining the environment, Alba can assist the colorful residents of the town with their simple requests. From finding lost pets to convincing someone to try a new ice cream flavor, these tasks add a touch of charm to the game without overwhelming players with complexity.

The small size of the island makes it easy to complete all the tasks on the to-do list, although it’s not entirely necessary to do so. The additional exploration opportunities allow players to witness Alba’s adorable sprinting animation with arms outstretched, evoking a heartfelt “aww” from players. Amidst this playful atmosphere, the game subtly conveys the importance of conservation without being overly preachy.


Q: Is Alba: A Wildlife Adventure available on multiple platforms?
A: Yes, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is available on various platforms, including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Visit the official Wqaindia website for more information.

Q: Can I replay Alba: A Wildlife Adventure to discover new secrets?
A: While the main storyline remains the same, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure offers a charming and immersive experience that can be enjoyed multiple times. Players may discover new details and hidden gems during subsequent playthroughs.


Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a game that reminds players of the joy of supporting causes larger than themselves. This delightful experience allows players to actively contribute to the preservation of nature while offering enjoyable gameplay and charming visuals. It’s like sneaking vegetables into a delicious smoothie – a good deed that deserves recognition. Dive into Alba’s world and embark on a heartwarming adventure that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.