Friday, 24 May 2024

How Three Teams Mastered Modern Warfare: A Look at the Remastered Version

Modern Warfare Remastered

The original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is widely regarded as one of the most influential games of the last decade. So, it’s no surprise that there was a packed crowd at this year’s Call of Duty XP event for “The Making of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered” panel. Fans and press alike gathered to find out if this remake would do justice to the beloved original.

The remastered edition of Modern Warfare is a collaborative effort by three studios: Raven Software, Certain Affinity, and Beenox. Together, they aimed to update the game to meet today’s standards without compromising its gameplay.

Enhancing the Classic Experience

One of the key goals for the team was to ensure that the remastered version remained faithful to the original game’s “feel.” David Mertz, the Design Director at Certain Affinity, emphasized the importance of preserving the responsiveness and challenging AI that players remember so fondly.

The team also wanted to inject some personality into the remastered edition without altering the gameplay. They achieved this by reworking the game’s sound design. By transforming the original single-channel WAV files into multi-channel files, the team added depth to the audio experience. Now, when a grenade hits the ground, players can hear the smaller sounds of the debris hitting nearby objects, enhancing immersion.

Attention to Detail

The remastered edition also pays attention to the smallest details, adding a new level of realism. Captain Price’s famous whiskers, for example, are now individually modeled, complete with aging and pock marks. New lighting and texturing methods have been employed to add more detail to each scene, while still maintaining the original mood.

Thanks to stronger hardware capabilities, the team was able to render certain effects naturally. Helicopter blades now blur seamlessly, and bullets are 3D models that can be visually followed from the gun’s chamber to the floor upon firing.

Building a Visual Narrative

The team at Raven and Beenox went the extra mile to create a more immersive experience. For example, they modeled the entire head of a character who becomes a helicopter pilot in one of the missions. This attention to detail helps players feel more connected to the game world.

Another important element of the original Modern Warfare was the player’s sense of control. Even during scripted sequences, players always had some level of control over their character. The remastered edition builds upon this by introducing new visual cues. For instance, players will now see their hands when rappelling out of a helicopter or their left arm while crawling around. These details enhance the “body feel” and further immerse players in the game world.

Adding a Personal Touch

One of the new features added to the remastered edition is the ability to taunt opponents. By pressing down on the d-pad, players can inspect their gun, which will be visible on the killcam. These taunts don’t affect gameplay but add an extra bit of flair to memorable kills.

The remastered edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be launched on November 4th as a bonus in the Legacy and Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Q: Will the remastered edition of Modern Warfare alter the gameplay?

A: No, the goal of the remaster was to update the game to meet modern standards without changing the core gameplay experience.

Q: What enhancements were made to the audio design?

A: The team transformed the original single-channel audio files into multi-channel files, adding depth to the sound experience.

Q: Are there any visual improvements in the remastered edition?

A: Yes, the team added more detail to each scene through new lighting and texturing methods.


The teams at Raven Software, Certain Affinity, and Beenox approached the remastering of Modern Warfare with great care and passion. Their goal was to preserve the original game’s essence while enhancing it for modern players. From improved sound design to meticulous attention to detail, Modern Warfare Remastered promises to create both nostalgic and new memories for fans of the franchise. For more information about the game, visit Wqaindia.