Friday, 24 May 2024

An Artist’s Vision: Pokémon Go Before Its Time

In 2013, artist Dane Cozens had a vision of a world where people could capture Pokémon using phone-like devices. Fast forward a few years, and that vision became a reality with Pokémon Go. While many may have entertained the idea before its release, Cozens’ illustrations captured the essence of the game long before it was even conceived.

A Glimpse Into the Past

Cozens had always intended for the Pokémon-catching devices to resemble smartphones. He found inspiration in the legal battles between Apple and Samsung over patent infringement. This led him to create a realistic Pokédex that mirrored the design of a smart phone. Cozens explains, “I think it’s kind of funny how some people think I added the cell phones after Pokémon Go was released, but I always intended for them to be designed after smart phones.”

From Sketches to Viral Sensation

Cozens’ first illustration, created in October 2013, depicted Venusaur (image below). The positive response he received encouraged him to turn it into a series the following year. These illustrations quickly went viral, propelling Cozens’ career as an illustrator. The success of his artwork fueled his passion for creating a realistic Pokémon experience.


A Realistic Pokémon Adventure

Cozens, an avid Pokémon Go player himself, envisions a future where his unique vision of Pokémon permeates other media, including film. He imagines a sci-fi world where suburban heroes embark on thrilling wilderness adventures. “In case the posters don’t show this already, I have possibly thought about a realistic Pokémon movie too much,” Cozens admits. He envisions a captivating combination of cinematography, drawing inspiration from films like Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are, Sean Penn’s Into The Wild, and Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. To complete the immersive experience, Cozens suggests Alt-J as the perfect fit for the movie’s soundtrack. Of course, he would also love to contribute concept art and promotional materials himself, bringing his unique perspective to life.

Exploring Cozens’ Pokémon Art

In addition to his Pokémon Go-inspired illustrations, Cozens has created other fascinating Pokémon pieces. On his blog, you can find his interpretation of Blastoise and explore many more awe-inspiring artworks. It’s a testament to Cozens’ talent and imagination, showcasing the endless possibilities within the Pokémon universe.


Q: When did Dane Cozens create his first Pokémon illustration?

A: Dane Cozens created his first Pokémon illustration in October 2013.

Q: What inspired Dane Cozens to design the Pokémon-catching devices like smartphones?

A: Dane Cozens drew inspiration from the legal battles between Apple and Samsung over patent infringement.

Q: What other Pokémon illustrations has Dane Cozens created?

A: In addition to Venusaur, Cozens has created an illustration of Blastoise. You can find it on his blog, along with other captivating Pokémon pieces.


Dane Cozens’ artistic vision of Pokémon Go predates its actual release by several years. His illustrations, crafted with meticulous detail and inspired by real-world events, captured the essence of the game long before it became a global phenomenon. Cozens’ dreams of a realistic Pokémon movie and his continuous contribution to the Pokémon art community have cemented his place as a respected artist in the Pokémon fandom. Explore his captivating artworks and let your imagination run wild with the limitless possibilities that Cozens’ visions bring to life.