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All New Traits in Remix Rumble – TFT Set 10

Welcome to Remix Rumble, the latest set in Teamfight Tactics! In this set, music takes center stage and brings us a whole new array of exciting and unique traits. From genre-linked origins to funky and groovy classes, let’s dive into all the new traits you can expect to see.


All Traits TFT
Only the big dogs from Runeterra

Music is the driving force behind Remix Rumble, and each trait is linked to a specific genre. From the pop sensation of K/DA and Heartsteel to the funky groove of Disconauts and the classy jazz trio, each trait brings a distinct flavor to the game.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these exciting traits.



8-Bit TFT
Get the max score~

Units: Corki (1), Garen (2), Riven (3), Caitlyn (4)

When you play the 8-bit trait, an Arcade Cabinet spawns, keeping score of all your units’ damage. The goal is to beat the high score and unlock more Attack Damage for your 8-Bit units. Keep in mind that each scoreline becomes increasingly challenging to beat, making it difficult to achieve the rewards. However, it’s a fun and unique trait to experiment with.


Maestro TFT
Violin attacks flying all over the board~

Units: Jhin (5)

Unique to the legendary Jhin, the Maestro trait converts his bonus attack speed into Attack Damage, similar to Jhin in League of Legends. Jhin’s presence in the game has been causing quite a stir on the PBE.


Country TFT
Hecarim is a summon~

Units: Tahm Kench (1), Katarina (2), Samira (3), Urgot (3), Thresh (4)

Country, similar to Void in Runeterra Reforged – Horizonbound, summons an ally to aid your team. However, the summon only becomes available after your team loses 30% of their health. Increasing the star level of your Country units strengthens the summoned ally, improving its Health and Attack Damage. The ultimate goal is to attain the coveted 3-star units for maximum effectiveness.


DJ Sona comes to the party

Units: Sona (5)

The Mixmaster trait is unique to Sona. It allows her to change her attacks and abilities once she is added to the board. This mechanic adds versatility and strategy to Sona’s gameplay.


Sample with Lux and win

Units: Jax (2), Lux (3), Zac (4), Zed (4)

The EDM trait introduces the concept of sampling an EDM champion using an EDM selector item. At specific frequencies, the EDM champions transform into the sample, enhancing their abilities’ effectiveness. This trait requires experimentation to fully utilize its potential.


Tear up (Gain Mana) to Win

Units: Annie (1), Amumu (3), Vex (3), Poppy (4)

Emo champions have reduced mana costs for their abilities and gain mana whenever an ally dies. This unique trait brings a twist to the traditional mana mechanics in the game. Keep an eye out for the powerful combination of Emo champions, especially Annie at 3 stars.


Disco TFT
Let the groovy and funk carry

Units: Nami (1), Taric (1), Gragas (2), Blitzcrank (4), Twisted Fate (4)

The Disco trait summons a movable Disco Ball that provides healing and attack speed to nearby allies. The healing and attack speed effects increase as you have more Disco units on the board, making this trait a potential powerhouse in extended fights.


Hyperpop TFT
This yordle duo is deadly

Units: Lulu (3), Ziggs (5)

Hyperpop champions grant mana and attack speed to their closest allies whenever they use an ability. This trait emphasizes the synergy between Lulu and Ziggs and rewards strategic ability usage.


Let her beats (Tentacles) do their thing

Units: Illaoi (5)

Illaoi gains placeable Spirit Tentacles based on her star level. These tentacles benefit from Illaoi’s bonus armor and magic resist, providing diverse strategic options.


Jazz TFT
Is all about the improv

Units: Bard (2), Miss Fortune (3), Lucian (5)

For each non-unique trait active, your team gains bonus health and deals more damage. The Jazz trait is particularly effective in the late game, where having multiple active traits is common. This trait adds value and versatility to your team composition.


Choose well the spotlight

Units: Evelynn (1), Lillia (1), Kai’Sa (2), Seraphine (2), Neeko (3), Ahri (4), Akali (4)

The K/DA trait provides max health, ability power, and attack damage bonuses when your units occupy specific hexes on the board. K/DA champions gain double the benefits. This trait requires strategic positioning and decision-making to maximize its potential.


Pentakill TFT
Ramp up and kill them all!

Units: Olaf (1), Gnar (2), Kayle (2), Mordekaiser (3), Karthus (4), Viego (4), Yorick (5)

Pentakill champions reduce incoming damage and deal bonus damage. With each champion kill, Pentakill champions gain additional bonus damage. On the fifth kill, all Pentakill champions gain attack speed, making this trait a formidable force in battle. Pentakill champions scale throughout the fight, making them an excellent choice for players looking for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.


Heartsteel TFT
Cashing out with their hearts

Units: K’Sante (1), Aphelios (2), Sett (3), Yone (3), Ezreal (4), Kayn (5)

The Heartsteel trait offers a unique cashout mechanic. At regular intervals, you earn Hearts by killing enemies and losing player combat. These Hearts can then be converted into powerful rewards. Your team gains various bonuses based on the number of Heartsteel units you have on the board. It’s a versatile trait with tremendous potential in the right situations.


Punk TFT
Reroll and rule

Units: Jinx (1), Vi (1), Pantheon (2), Twitch (2)

The Punk trait rewards players for rerolling in the shop. Every time you spend gold on a reroll, your team gains bonus health and attack. This trait provides a unique incentive for players who enjoy reroll strategies and can lead to powerful late-game compositions.

True Damage

True Damage TFT
The only True Damage you need

Units: Kennen (1), Yasuo (1), Senna (2), Ekko (3), Akali (4), Qiyana (5)

True Damage champions deal bonus true damage, and if they are holding an item, they gain a unique Bling Bonus for their ability. As you collect more True Damage units, their bonus damage increases. This trait rewards players who enjoy high-damage compositions and adds a flashy element to their gameplay.


Sample with Lux and win

Units: Kayn (5)

The Wildcard trait presents two alternate forms of Kayn, depending on the outcome of player combat. If you win, Kayn becomes the Shadow Assassin. If you lose, Kayn becomes Rhaast. Each form comes with unique rewards whenever Kayn eliminates two enemy champions. This trait adds an element of unpredictability and adaptability to your strategy.



Units: Olaf (1), Tahm Kench (1), Gragas (2), Sett (3), Zac (4), Illaoi (5)

Bruisers gain bonus health for your team and additional max health for themselves. This tanky class provides durability and sustainability for your team.


Units: Akali (KDA and True Damage form)

Akali changes her appearance based on the most fielded units in either the K/DA or True Damage trait. Each form grants Akali a different ability, making her a versatile and adaptable unit.

Crowd Diver

Units: Evelynn (1), Katarina (2), Yone (3), Zed (4), Qiyana (5)

After Crowd Divers die, they leap onto the furthest enemy, dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies. This class excels at taking out priority targets and disrupting the enemy backline.


Units: Nami (1), Bard (2), Lux (3), Twisted Fate (4), Ziggs (5)

Dazzlers reduce their target’s damage and deal bonus magic damage over time. Their abilities make them excellent utility units that can turn the tide of battles.

Big Shot

Units: Corki (1), Kai’Sa (2), Miss Fortune (3), Ezreal (4), Jhin (5)

Big Shots gain attack damage, which increases for a few seconds after they use their abilities. This class provides high burst damage and rewards strategic ability usage.


Units: Yasuo (1), Kayle (2), Riven (3), Yone (3), Viego (4), Kayn (5)

Edgelords gain attack speed, which doubles when their target’s health drops below a certain threshold. The 1-hex range Edgelords dash and slash through enemies, making them deadly close-range attackers.


Units: Twitch (2), Samira (3), Vex (3), Akali (4), Karthus (5)

Executioners can critically strike and gain critical strike damage. Their critical strike chance increases based on their target’s missing health. This class excels at dealing high damage to low-health enemies.


Units: Vi (1), Gnar (2), Jax (2), Sett (3), Urgot (3), Poppy (4), Yorick (5)

Moshers gain attack speed and omnivamp, which increases based on their missing health. This class provides sustain and damage potential as their health decreases.


Units: Kennen (1), Taric (1), Pantheon (2), Amumu (3), Neeko (3), Thresh (4), Yorick (5)

Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally once per combat when they reach 50% health, offering extra protection to your team. This class excels at tanking and mitigating damage.


Units: Jinx (1), Aphelios (2), Senna (3), Caitlyn (4), Lucian (5)

Rapidfire champions gain attack speed, increasing their damage output. Each attack grants them a stack, providing further attack speed bonuses. This class rewards players who enjoy fast-paced and aggressive playstyles.


Units: K’Sante (1), Lillia (1), Garen (2), Ekko (3), Mordekaiser (3), Blitzcrank (4)

Sentinels gain armor and magic resist for your team, with double the bonuses for Sentinel units. This class offers robust defensive capabilities and is particularly powerful when you have eight Sentinel units on the board.


Units: Annie (1), Gragas (2), Seraphine (2), Ekko (3), Lulu (3), Ahri (4), Sona (5)

Spellweavers provide ability power for your team, with increased bonuses for Spellweaver units whenever they cast their abilities. This class enhances your team’s magical prowess and rewards strategic ability usage.


Units: Kennen (1), Lillia (1), Gnar (2), Neeko (3)

Superfans empower your Headliner’s performance. They provide various bonuses, including completing the Headliner’s item, increasing their health and omnivamp, and upgrading their item to Radiant. This class adds depth and versatility to your compositions.

These are all the exciting traits and classes you can explore in Remix Rumble – TFT Set 10. The unique mechanics and synergies they offer add a fresh and engaging experience to the game. Experiment, strategize, and rock the board with the power of music!


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Remix Rumble brings a vibrant and innovative twist to Teamfight Tactics with its music-themed traits and classes. Whether you’re a fan of pop, disco, jazz, or any other genre, there’s a trait that suits your style. Explore the numerous possibilities, experiment with different compositions, and conquer the board with the power of music. Get ready to remix the meta and rise to the top in Remix Rumble!