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League of Legends Patch 13.21 Summary

Patch 13.21 brings exciting changes to League of Legends, including champion updates, item adjustments, and new skins. In this article, we will explore all the details to keep you informed and ready for the game!

Changes to Champions and Items

Several champions have received changes in Patch 13.21. For instance, Aurelion Sol and Briar have been nerfed, while Bel’Veth and Hecarim have received buffs. Additionally, First Strike, Phase Rush, and Hullbreaker have all undergone adjustments as well.

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ARAM Adjustments and Jungle Changes

In this patch, ARAM mode has seen some buffs and nerfs, with specific adjustments made to Aurelion Sol. The jungle role has also undergone significant changes, providing new opportunities and challenges for players. Moreover, the introduction of Worlds clash adds more excitement to the game.

New Skins and Chromas

Are you a fan of Cafe Cuties? Get ready to add some adorable skins to your collection! Meet Cafe Cuties Jinx, Cafe Cuties Lulu, Cafe Cuties Poppy, Cafe Cuties Rumble, and Coven Syndra. Each skin brings its unique charm and style to the game!

Cafe Cuties Rumble (1350 RP)
Cafe Cuties Jinx (1350 RP)
Cafe Cuties Poppy (1350 RP)
Cafe Cuties Lulu (1350 RP)
Coven Syndra (1350 RP)

Discover the upcoming chromas for these skins as well:

Cafe Cuties Rumble
Cafe Cuties Jinx
Cafe Cuties Poppy
Cafe Cuties Lulu
Coven Syndra


Q: What champions have received buffs in Patch 13.21?
A: Bel’Veth and Hecarim are two champions that have received buffs in this patch.

Q: Are there any nerfs to junglers in this patch?
A: No specific nerfs have been made to junglers. However, there have been overall changes to the jungle role.

Q: What is the price of Cafe Cuties skins?
A: Each Cafe Cuties skin is priced at 1350 RP.

Q: Are there any new game modes introduced in Patch 13.21?
A: Patch 13.21 does not introduce any new game modes. However, the Worlds clash event adds excitement to the game.

Q: Can I access the official Wqaindia website for more details?
A: Yes, for more information, visit the Wqaindia website.


Patch 13.21 brings a wave of changes to League of Legends, from champion updates to new skins. Stay tuned to Wqaindia for the latest information and make the most of your gaming experience in this exciting patch!

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