Friday, 24 May 2024

Hwei: A New Artistic Vision Coming to League of Legends

Worlds has recently come to an end, marking the conclusion of League of Legends’ competitive schedule for this year. However, this also signifies a new beginning for Season 14 with the introduction of a unique and complex champion – Hwei, the troubled artist.

Unlike other champions released this year, Hwei is tailored for high-skill players who enjoy the challenge of mastering complex champions. He is a painter from Ionia, known for his exceptional talent. Betrayed by Jhin in the Temple of Koyehn, Hwei seeks answers and closure while battling the torment within his mind. This struggle recognizes the limitless expression and genius of his rival, the Virtuoso.

Hwei’s artistry is not limited to his painting alone; it extends to his kit as well. His abilities are divided into three subjects: Disaster (Q), Serenity (W), and Torment (E). Each subject opens a spellbook with three unique spells. For example, pressing Q opens the spellbook for Disaster, revealing Devastating Fire (QQ), Severing Bolt (QW), and Molten Fissure (QE). Pressing E opens the spellbook for Torment, with Grim Visage (EQ), Gaze of the Abyss (EW), and Crushing Maw (EE).

While Hwei’s kit may seem daunting at first, once you become familiar with the combinations, it becomes more intuitive and manageable. It’s important to note that each subject provides only one spell charge, so you can realistically use up to three abilities plus your ultimate in a single rotation.

Let’s dive deeper into Hwei’s abilities:

Passive: Signature of the Visionary

  • Signature of the Visionary marks enemy champions with Hwei’s finishing touch, dealing magic damage to them after hitting them with two damage-dealing spells.

Subject: Disaster (Q)

  • Hwei paints visions of disaster that deal significant damage to enemies.

Devastating Fire (QQ)

  • Hwei creates a blazing fireball that explodes on impact, dealing magic damage plus a percentage of the enemy’s max health as magic damage to all enemies in the area.

Severing Bolt (QW)

  • Hwei conjures a devastating long-range bolt that strikes the target location, dealing magic damage. Immobilized or isolated enemies take increased damage based on missing health.

Molten Fissure (QE)

  • Hwei summons exploding volcanic eruptions, creating a path of lingering lava. The eruptions damage enemies hit, while enemies within the lava area take continuous magic damage and are slowed.

Subject: Serenity (W)

  • Hwei paints visions of serenity that offer utility for himself and allied champions.

Fleeting Current (WQ)

  • Hwei creates a current of swift waters in a line, granting movement speed to himself and his allies for a few seconds.

Pool of Reflection (WW)

  • Hwei forms a protective pool at the target location, providing an immediate shield to allied champions inside the area. The shield increases in value over time.

Stirring Lights (WE)

  • Hwei conjures three swirling lights that grant bonus magic damage to his next three attacks or spells, while also restoring mana on hit.

Subject: Torment (E)

  • Hwei paints visions of torment that control enemies.

Grim Visage (EQ)

  • Hwei launches a terrifying face that strikes the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage and causing them to flee briefly.

Gaze of the Abyss (EW)

  • Hwei creates an abyssal eye that grants vision and locks onto the nearest visible enemy champion. After a short delay, the eye fires at the locked-on champion, rooting them and dealing magic damage.

Crushing Maw (EE)

  • Hwei summons crushing jaws that damage and pull enemies toward the center, slowing them for a short duration.

Ultimate: Spiraling Despair (R)

  • Hwei launches a vision of pure despair that sticks to an enemy champion for a few seconds. The vision expands, dealing continuous magic damage to all enemies it touches. Enemies within the zone are also afflicted with stacks of Despair, resulting in a stacking percent slow. The vision shatters upon completion, dealing additional magic damage.

Hwei’s kit bears similarities to Invoker, a champion from Dota 2, with his ability to create spells using different combinations of elements. Mastering Hwei will require creativity and skill, much like mastering Invoker.

When playing Hwei, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. With countless ways to approach different situations, finding your own playstyle will be key. Practice your spell combinations in the Practice Tool to familiarize yourself with Hwei’s abilities. It may take several games to fully grasp the optimal timing and execution of each ability.

It’s worth noting that Hwei does have some inherent weaknesses. As a glass cannon, he is vulnerable to burst damage from champions like Lux. Creative itemization against different compositions will be essential. Additionally, Hwei relies heavily on skill shots, so precision is crucial.

Overall, Hwei offers a vast potential for creativity and mastery. With the current meta favoring control mages, Hwei may emerge as a formidable force once he makes his debut on December 6th. The true extent of his power and the various combinations players will discover are yet to be fully realized.

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