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League Of Legends And Esports At PAX Prime 2014

At PAX Prime 2014, we had the opportunity to sit down with Riot Games’ VP of eSports, Dustin Beck, to discuss the future of competitive gaming and the League of Legends community. As the popularity of esports continues to grow, Riot Games is constantly adapting and improving to create engaging and memorable experiences for their fans.

The Vision for Esports

Riot Games has been actively listening to feedback from their community on platforms like Reddit and Twitter. They have learned a lot over the years and are constantly tweaking their approach to esports. Their vision remains focused on expanding the league, making minor scheduling changes, and putting fans at the forefront of their decisions.

Bringing Esports to the Living Room

While network television may not be their main focus, Riot Games has plans to expand the reach of League of Legends through other means. They are exploring opportunities to bring esports to current generation consoles and streaming services. This way, they can engage with a wider audience and create more accessible viewing experiences. There is a possibility of seeing League of Legends on platforms like Xbox, Apple TV, and other similar outlets in 2015.

Reaching Out to Casual Players

While League of Legends enthusiasts are already familiar with the competitive scene, the teams, and the current metagame, Riot Games is working on creating content that appeals to more casual players. They are developing stories that delve into the backstories of players and their paths to becoming professionals. This approach takes inspiration from the excitement and emotional connection seen during events like the Olympics.

League of Legends


Q: Is Riot Games planning to bring League of Legends to network television?
A: While network television is not in their immediate plans, Riot Games is open to exploring opportunities to bring esports to platforms like Xbox and Apple TV.

Q: What kind of content can casual players expect from Riot Games?
A: Riot Games is working on creating content that focuses on the backstories of players and their journey to becoming professionals in the League of Legends community.


Riot Games continues to lead the way in the world of esports with their commitment to engaging and memorable experiences. They are constantly evolving, taking feedback from their community, and exploring new avenues to reach a broader audience. As League of Legends grows, so does the excitement surrounding the competitive scene. Whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast or a casual player, Riot Games has something in store for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the world of League of Legends.

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