Friday, 24 May 2024

Atari and Denny’s Revamp Classic Arcade Games: A Fun Partnership

Today, Atari and the renowned restaurant chain Denny’s have joined forces to bring back the nostalgia of classic Atari arcade games. This exciting collaboration draws inspiration from Denny’s popular “Greatest Hits Remixed” menu, giving these beloved games a fresh twist. This partnership is part of Atari’s larger corporate comeback strategy to expand into various branches of digital entertainment.

Revamping Classic Arcade Games

The Denny’s “Greatest Hits Remixed” menu features some of their all-time favorite dishes reinvented with modern flavors. Staying true to this concept, Atari’s iconic arcade games are receiving a Denny’s-themed makeover.

Three classic Atari arcade titles are being remixed for this collaboration. Asteroids, a fan-favorite, is transformed into “Hashteroids”, where hash browns replace the asteroids and a ketchup bottle represents the spaceship. Centipede becomes “Centipup”, inspired by Denny’s delicious pancakes. Lastly, Breakout is reimagined as “Take Out”.

A Modern Twist: The Mobile App

These revitalized classic games will be reintroduced through Denny’s “Build Your Own” customizable mobile app. Available for free on iOS and Android, this app allows users to enjoy these remixed games anytime, anywhere. Atari’s strategy to make their treasured games more widely accessible on various platforms is furthered by this partnership.

Atari’s Strategy for Relevance

Atari is committed to staying relevant in the digital entertainment industry. In addition to relaunching nostalgic game titles like these, they are capitalizing on other markets, including digital gambling and video content on platforms like YouTube. The collaboration with Denny’s is a testament to Atari’s dedication to making these beloved games more accessible to a broader audience.

Embracing the Fun and Nostalgia

While some may find this marketing strategy unusual, there is a silver lining. Asteroids, Centipede, and Breakout are considered classics for a reason—they are undeniably fun. Being able to enjoy these games on mobile devices, and at no cost, can only be seen as a positive development. Atari and Denny’s deserve credit for making this experience possible, even if it means shooting falling hash browns with a ketchup bottle—a lighthearted and entertaining twist.


1. Can I play the remixed Atari arcade games on any platform?

Yes, the revitalized classic games are available for free on Denny’s “Build Your Own” customizable mobile app, which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

2. Are there plans for additional collaborations between Atari and other brands?

Atari is continually exploring partnerships to make their games more accessible across various platforms. While there are no specific announcements at this time, fans can expect Atari to continue bringing fun and innovative experiences to players.


Atari’s partnership with Denny’s to revamp classic arcade games is an exciting step in their digital entertainment comeback strategy. By infusing Denny’s elements into these games, both companies are embracing nostalgia and providing an enjoyable experience for players. With these remixed classics now available on the Denny’s mobile app, gaming enthusiasts can relive the magic of Atari’s iconic titles. So, grab your phone, download the app, and get ready for a fun-filled blast from the past.