Saturday, 25 May 2024

Agony Review: A Unique Journey through Hell

Agony is a survival-horror game that throws you into the depths of hell as a damned soul. With stunning visuals and a captivating opening cinematic, the game initially makes a strong impression. However, as you delve deeper into the underworld, you may find yourself disappointed by the repetitive gameplay and excessive gore that quickly loses its impact.

A Visual Hell

The game’s premise revolves around the grotesque and macabre, with fetuses hanging from the ceiling and blood-caked demons indulging in orgies. While these grotesque images may intrigue some players, they lose their power through overexposure, leaving the world feeling desensitized. Furthermore, the game’s poor design choices, such as overly dark environments, can detract from the fear factor, robbing the monsters and the hellish landscapes of their intended impact.

A Monotonous Journey

Throughout the majority of the game, you play as a soul that must navigate the underworld by possessing and jumping between withered bodies. While occasionally, you can possess demons to overcome obstacles, most of the time, you’re left playing as a defenseless husk, hiding from intimidating creatures. The cramped level design and lackluster enemy AI contribute to the game’s biggest downfall. With tiny environments and broken mechanics, the hide-and-seek style gameplay becomes frustrating and relies heavily on luck rather than skill.

Technical Issues and Frustrations

Agony’s issues don’t stop at its gameplay flaws. The game is plagued by bugs and technical problems that can make certain sections unplayable. From framerate drops to getting trapped in walls, these issues can hinder your progress and lead to infuriating experiences. Even when the game is functioning correctly, the controls and movement can feel clunky and cumbersome, further adding to the frustration.

A Lackluster Story

In addition to its gameplay and technical shortcomings, Agony also falls short in terms of storytelling. The game’s narrative revolves around finding and gaining favor with the Red Goddess, but the voice acting and writing fail to engage the player. The poorly executed monologues and lack of compelling characters make it challenging to become invested in the story.

While Agony’s concept and initial presentation have potential, the overall execution of the game leaves much to be desired. The excessive use of shock tactics and the game’s inherent brokenness overshadow any fear or awe that the game attempts to evoke, ultimately resulting in frustration for the player.


Q: Can I play Agony without experiencing motion sickness?
A: The game’s distorted fish-eye view can induce simulation sickness in some players, so it is advisable to take precautionary measures if you are prone to such discomfort.

Q: Are there any redeeming qualities to Agony?
A: Despite its issues, some players may still find enjoyment in the game’s unique visual style and atmosphere. However, it is important to manage expectations and be aware of its flaws.

Q: Is Agony suitable for all players?
A: Due to its graphic content and horror elements, Agony is recommended for mature audiences who are comfortable with disturbing and explicit imagery.


Agony is a game that showcases potential but falls short in execution. Its visuals and initial cinematic draw players in, but the repetitive gameplay, technical issues, and lackluster storytelling make it difficult to fully appreciate the experience. While some players may find enjoyment in its unique aesthetic, it is important to approach Agony with realistic expectations.