Monday, 27 May 2024

Update: Let’s Go Games Online Functionality Clarified


The Pokémon Company has provided clarification on the online functionality of the Let’s Go games. There were some initial misconceptions that led to confusion, but the company has officially stated that both Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee! will have online capabilities. However, it is important to note that the online features will be more limited compared to previous Pokémon games.

Limited Online Capabilities

Players will still be able to enjoy online battles and trade Pokémon with their friends. However, certain features like the Global Trade System (GTS), Wonder Trade, and Battle Spot will not be available. The Pokémon Company also mentioned that players will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access these online features.

Additional Information

The Pokémon Company has assured fans that more details regarding the Let’s Go games’ online functionality will be revealed at a later date. They are committed to providing a enjoyable online experience for players.

New Details

In recent question-and-answer sessions with the developers, several interesting details about the Let’s Go games have emerged. Here are some highlights:

  • Evolution: Partner Pokémon cannot be evolved, but players will have the opportunity to find and evolve other Pikachus and Eevees in the wild.
  • Pokémon Selection: Only the original 150 Pokémon will be included in the Let’s Go games. However, players can expect to encounter Alolan versions of some of these original Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Storage: The game introduces a PC box stored in the player’s bag, making it easier to shuffle their party around.
  • Catching Pokémon: When playing in handheld mode, players will need to use the Switch’s gyro sensor to aim and throw Pokéballs. There are no touch screen controls available.
  • Experience Points: It is still unclear how experience points will work and be distributed in the Let’s Go games.
  • Pokémon Go Integration: While the Let’s Go games are designed to connect with Pokémon Go, candy earned in Pokémon Go will not have any effect in Let’s Go. Event Pokémon cannot be transferred, and players will need to progress through the game to unlock the ability to transfer Pokémon from Pokémon Go.

Unique Pokémon Encounter

Players who connect Pokémon Go and the Let’s Go games will have the chance to encounter a special Pokémon that has never been seen before. The Pokémon Company plans to reveal more information about this unique encounter in the future.


The Let’s Go games for Nintendo Switch offer an exciting and unique Pokémon experience. With limited online capabilities, players can still battle and trade Pokémon with friends. The integration with Pokémon Go adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates and details from The Pokémon Company.


  1. Will the Let’s Go games include the ability to use HMs?

    • No, the Let’s Go games will not include the use of HMs.
  2. When will more information about the special Pokémon encounter be revealed?

    • The Pokémon Company will provide further details about the special encounter in Pokémon Go and the Let’s Go games in the near future.
  3. Are there any additional features when transferring multiple Pokémon at once?

    • Yes, players can activate minigames when transferring several Pokémon at a time.
  4. Can players transfer Pokémon from the Let’s Go games to Pokémon Go and turn them into candy?

    • It is currently unknown if Pokémon transferred from Let’s Go can be turned into candy in Pokémon Go.
  5. What other plans does The Pokémon Company have for the Poké Ball Plus?

    • The Pokémon Company intends to reveal more information about the Poké Ball Plus and its features beyond the Let’s Go games.

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