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A Guide to Stealth Gameplay in Prey: Surviving the Typhon Threat

Welcome to Talos-1, the cutting-edge space station orbiting the Earth’s moon, where danger lurks around every corner. In Prey, the Typhon aliens pose a formidable threat, and surviving their attacks requires more than just brute force. Developing a stealthy gameplay style will greatly increase your chances of making it out alive. Here are some essential tips for staying hidden and evading the Typhon.

General Tips for Sneaking

To minimize the risk of attracting attention, try to move quietly by crouching until you have assessed the situation. Beware of mimics – these shapeshifting creatures can easily catch you off guard. Once you have acquired the Psychoscope, use it to visually sweep the room and detect any mimics in disguise. This will help you stay one step ahead of these cunning foes.

Getting the Jump on Enemies

Starting with minimal resources, your trusty wrench will be your primary weapon against the Typhon. To maximize your damage output, execute a sneak attack when you first spot a Typhon. Observe the white arc-shaped detection meter – as long as it doesn’t turn red, you can perform a sneak attack and gain a 150-percent attack bonus. Charging up your wrench attack will deal even more damage.

Navigating the Environments

Prey offers multiple paths to explore the environment, some of which can help you avoid areas with a higher Typhon presence. Before venturing into open spaces, be sure to thoroughly search for alternate routes such as maintenance tunnels or pipes. Look up, down, and behind objects to uncover hidden passages that can keep you out of harm’s way.

Recommended Stealth Items

While Prey offers a range of powerful weapons, a stealthy approach requires more finesse. The Huntress Boltcaster might seem inconsequential, but its foam darts create just enough noise to distract nearby Typhon, providing a window for you to slip past them unnoticed. Additionally, the silenced pistol is a valuable tool for dispatching enemies quietly. Freezing an enemy with the Gloo Gun and then using the pistol can save you from more dire confrontations.

For diversionary tactics, the Typhon Lure is an excellent choice. Its visible pulse will distract enemies for around 20 seconds, giving you the opportunity to access hard-to-reach areas or hack into a computer undisturbed.

Enhancing Your Stealth Abilities

In Prey, your success depends on the upgrades you choose. When it comes to stealth, specific neuromods can greatly improve your chances of staying hidden. Consider investing in these abilities:

  • Hacking: Master the art of hacking to gain access to computers, turrets, and safes.
  • Leverage: While seemingly unrelated to stealth, the ability to lift heavy objects can help you uncover hidden paths or create makeshift cover.
  • Conditioning: Improve your sneaking abilities and mobility by investing in Mobility I and II, granting you increased movement speed while sneaking and eventually superhuman running and jumping abilities.
  • Combat Focus: Though stealth players avoid combat when possible, the Combat Focus neuromod can help you slow down enemies and effectively dodge or retreat from engagements. The damage bonus from Combat Focus II stacks with your sneak attack bonus.
  • Stealth: Invest in ninja-like neuromods that make it harder for enemies to detect you and reduce the noise you make while moving.
  • Sneak Attack: Take advantage of bonus damage with the Sneak Attack neuromod, which offers up to a 250-percent bonus to sneak attacks.
  • Kinetic Blast: When cornered, the Kinetic Blast ability can provide a lifeline by dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back, allowing you to escape.
  • Mimic Matter: Morphing into nearby objects using the Mimic Matter ability is a crucial stealth tactic for avoiding detection.
  • Phantom Shift: Use Phantom Shift to quickly relocate to a safer position outside the range of close-quarters combat.
  • Phantom Genesis: Create distractions by summoning phantoms to attack nearby enemies with the Phantom Genesis neuromod. This will provide an opening for you to slip by unnoticed.
  • Remote Manipulation: To interact with computers and devices from a safe distance, upgrade to the third tier of Remote Manipulation. This will allow you to grab objects or activate devices up to 30 meters away.


  • Q: Are there any other useful stealth tips for Prey?
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With these essential tips and strategies, you’ll have a much better chance of surviving the Typhon threat in Prey. Remember to adapt your playstyle to incorporate stealth and take advantage of the various stealth-enhancing tools and abilities at your disposal. Good luck, and may you remain unseen and unscathed on Talos-1!

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