Saturday, 20 Jul 2024

Teamfight Tactics 13.16 B Hotfix Patch – Mid-Set Finale Changes

After the recent release of the patch, the TFT team wasted no time in addressing some issues with a B patch. This patch is specifically aimed at balancing the game ahead of the NA Mid-Set Finale Runeterra. Let’s take a closer look at the changes and adjustments being made.

Unit Changes – Farewell Shen

Shen has been dominating many lobbies as the main frontline, especially in Bastion Aphelios setups. This has caused games to be heavily influenced by the Deadeye 4-cost unit. To address this, Shen’s shield numbers have been nerfed, particularly in his two-star version. He will still be strong, but not as game-deciding.

Trait adjustments for Demacia, Piltover, and Gunner

Demacia, especially with Garen, has seen a significant increase in power in Patch 13.16. Instead of directly nerfing Garen, the resistances of seven Demacias have been lowered to control the power spike.

The Piltover cashout has proven to be too reliable and strong at specific rounds. To balance this, numbers have been adjusted for the +10 loss streak while nerfing the 8-9 loss streaks.

The Gunner trait has also received attention. The AD per stack in the 4 and 6 Gunner thresholds has been improved. This change will benefit Gunner Zeri, which has not been performing well, as well as the Tristana Reroll comp.

Augments – Transfusion receives a nerf

The Transfusion augment has been deemed too powerful when playing Aphelios comps or Shurima Azir with Strategist. To prevent it from dominating the Mid-Set Finale, its numbers have been slightly nerfed. Additionally, several other augments have been balanced, such as Know Your Enemy and Social Distance bonuses.

For a complete list of changes, including champion adjustments and bug fixes, refer to the official Teamfight Tactics website.


Q: Why was Shen nerfed specifically in his shield numbers?
A: Shen’s dominance as a frontline unit in certain setups was making games too reliant on the Deadeye 4-cost unit. By nerfing his shield numbers, his impact will be toned down without rendering him useless.

Q: Why were the resistances of Demacias lowered instead of nerfing Garen directly?
A: Garen along with Demacia has seen a significant increase in power. Lowering the resistances of several Demacias helps control the power spike without directly affecting Garen.


In Patch 13.16 B, the Teamfight Tactics team has made several adjustments to address balance issues and improve gameplay. Shen’s shield numbers have been nerfed, ensuring he remains strong but not overly dominant. Demacia’s resistances have been lowered to control the power spike caused by Garen. The Piltover cashout and Gunner trait have been adjusted to improve game balance and performance. The Transfusion augment has also received a nerf to prevent it from being overly powerful. For more details, visit the official Teamfight Tactics website and stay updated on the latest TFT news.