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A World of Valuable Video Games

Are you one of those who regret parting ways with your childhood collection of comic books, baseball cards, or video games? You might be surprised to learn that some of those items could have made you thousands of dollars richer today! From rare cartridges to limited-edition releases, the world of video game collecting has become a lucrative market. In this article, we will explore some of the most valuable video games to date and dive into the fascinating stories behind them.

Nintendo World Championship Cartridges

Back in 1990, Nintendo organized a video game competition inspired by the film “The Wizard.” The event consisted of a series of three minigames, with contestants racing against the clock to achieve the highest scores. The winners of this championship were rewarded with incredible prizes, including a $10,000 U.S. savings bond and a new car!

The cartridges used in this competition have become highly sought-after collectibles. With only 116 cartridges manufactured, they are a rare find among collectors. If you happen to stumble upon one of these gems, you could potentially be looking at a significant payday.

Nintendo Powerfest 94

In 1994, Nintendo held another competition, this time with only 33 cartridges produced for the event. These cartridges, similar to the Nintendo World Championship ones, contain a series of three minigames for participants to conquer. Today, only one known copy of this cartridge remains, making it an incredibly rare and valuable item in the gaming world.

Genesis Blockbuster World Video Game Championships II

While not as widely known as Nintendo’s competitions, Sega also organized its own tournament for Genesis games. However, this event didn’t achieve the same level of popularity. Nevertheless, the cartridge used for this tournament holds value among collectors. With NBA Jam and Judge Dredd as its included games, it’s a unique piece of gaming history.

Rare Gems from the Neo Geo and Vectrex

The Neo Geo and Vectrex systems were home to some obscure and valuable games. Titles like “Neo Turfmasters,” “Mr. Boston’s Clean Sweep,” and “Ninja Masters” might not ring a bell for many gamers, but they have gained popularity in collecting circles. With their limited production numbers and unique gameplay features, these games have become highly sought-after among collectors.

Speaking of unique games, let’s not forget about “Metal Slug,” which holds a special place in U.S. collections. Despite the lack of demand for Neo Geo products at the time, this game managed to become a standout title for the system. Today, it is a prized possession for collectors.

Rare Sega Megadrive and Vic-20 Games

The Sega Megadrive and Vic-20 systems also have their fair share of valuable games. One noteworthy example is the Sega Megadrive version of “Tetris.” Produced for Sega’s System-16 Megadrive arcade unit, it was never released commercially due to legal disputes with Nintendo. With only around 10 known copies in existence, this game is a true gem for collectors.

Another game that collectors eagerly seek is “Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash” for the Vic-20. Produced in limited quantities, this game was never widely distributed and has since become a coveted piece of gaming history.

The Rarest Atari 2600 Game

If you’re an Atari 2600 fan, you might have heard of “Air Raid.” Considered to be the rarest commercially released game for the system, “Air Raid” is prized for its unique sky blue cartridge. While it might not fetch astronomical prices like some other titles on this list, it is still highly sought-after by collectors.

Nintendo Campus Challenge and Pepsi Invaders

Nintendo organized the Nintendo Campus Challenge, where players competed against the clock in three different games for the chance to earn high scores. The NES and Super Nintendo versions of the game are incredibly rare, with only one known copy of the NES version in existence.

On the other hand, “Pepsi Invaders” is a game that was never intended for widespread release. Created for Coca-Cola’s 1983 sales convention, this game replaced the alien characters in “Space Invaders” with the letters “P-E-P-S-I.” With only 125 copies ever produced, most of which were discarded, this game has become a highly coveted collectors’ item.

Elusive Games That Won’t Break the Bank

While the games mentioned above might require a significant investment to acquire, there are still some elusive titles that won’t empty your bank account. Games like “Batman Forever,” “Justice League,” and “Comix Zone” for the Mega Drive can be found for reasonable prices, especially if you can get your hands on the Japanese versions. These games, released towards the end of the system’s lifespan, offer an opportunity to own a piece of gaming history without breaking the bank.


The world of video game collecting is filled with hidden treasures and rare finds. Whether you were a fan of Nintendo, Sega, or other systems, there are valuable games waiting to be discovered. While some titles may require a significant investment, there are also more affordable options for collectors on a budget. So, dust off your old game collection and see if you have any hidden gems that could turn your nostalgia into a fortune.


Q: How can I determine the value of my video games?
A: Determining the value of video games can be challenging, as it depends on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand. Online marketplaces and auction sites can give you a general idea of what similar games are selling for. Alternatively, you can seek the expertise of professional game appraisers or consult specialized forums and communities.

Q: Are there any valuable games that are not listed here?
A: Yes, there are many other valuable games out there. This article highlights some of the most sought-after titles, but the world of video game collecting is vast and ever-changing. The value of games can fluctuate over time based on factors like supply and demand, so it’s always worth staying informed and keeping an eye on the market.

Q: Can I make money by selling my old video games?
A: While some video games can be valuable, not every game will fetch a high price. The value of a game depends on various factors, including rarity, condition, demand, and current market trends. If you have rare or sought-after games in good condition, there is a chance you could make a profit by selling them. However, it’s essential to research and carefully consider your options before selling your collection.