Monday, 27 May 2024

An Inside Look at the Creation of Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is a captivating sitcom set to premiere on Friday, February 7. Co-created by Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this Ubisoft and Apple TV+ collaboration explores the challenges of game development. The show takes us into the fictional world of a game development studio, shedding light on the day-to-day operations and the obstacles the characters face. With clashes between big personalities and the team’s quest to keep their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) exciting and profitable, Mythic Quest promises to be a must-watch for gaming enthusiasts.

Why Explore the Gaming Industry?

Rob McElhenney explains that the idea for the show emerged from a meeting with Ubisoft, who expressed interest in a gaming-related project. Initially skeptical, McElhenney’s perception of the gaming industry changed completely after visiting Ubisoft’s studio in Montreal. He realized that the gaming industry was an incredible setting for a TV series because game development is a unique and global phenomenon. The people working in game development are relatable individuals, facing the same workplace dynamics as anyone in an office setting.

The Significance of MMORPGs

Mythic Quest highlights an MMORPG as its central focus. The creators chose this genre because they wanted to explore a world that had been continuously created by its developers. The stakes are high in an MMO because players invest years of their lives into the game, and any changes made to it elicit reactions from the community. The creators likened the characters in the show to Greek gods, manipulating mortal players who occasionally push back. The ongoing nature of MMORPGs allows for expanding storylines, new character additions, and the continuous evolution of the game world.

Tackling Real-World Issues

The show delves into relevant real-world issues, such as labor unions, gender inequality in career advancement, and the emergence of streamers. The creators aimed for authenticity and avoided pandering to the audience. While they acknowledge the existence of toxicity within the gaming community, they emphasize that the focus of the show is on the everyday challenges faced by developers. For example, they address the issue of crunch, understanding that it is not only a labor issue but also a personal struggle affecting thousands of dedicated developers worldwide. By exploring the complexities of these topics, Mythic Quest brings humor and humanizes the characters involved.

Collaboration with Ubisoft

Working with Ubisoft presented an opportunity to tackle difficult discussions with the support of the gaming community. The creators were determined not to shy away from controversial topics, and both Ubisoft and Apple were fully supportive of the show’s authenticity. This collaboration helped Mythic Quest present a true representation of the gaming industry, including its challenges.

The Dynamic Between Ian and Poppy

The relationship between creative director Ian and lead engineer Poppy drives much of the show’s narrative. The creators found it essential to create tension and a dynamic between these characters. They wanted to showcase how great sitcoms often thrive when characters are forced together due to circumstances. In this case, Ian and Poppy are both incredibly intelligent and skilled individuals, relying on each other’s strengths for success while also driving each other mad. This conflict between them is the source of comedic brilliance.

Season 2 Possibilities

The creators are already planning for the show’s second season, with numerous ideas in mind. As the show progresses, they intend to explore more scenarios and further develop the characters. Unlike their long-running show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where they have reached 14 seasons, Mythic Quest is just beginning its journey, offering plenty of exciting stories and unique situations for the characters to experience.


Q: Is Mythic Quest affiliated with Wqaindia?
A: No, Mythic Quest is an independent production and not affiliated with Wqaindia.

Q: Where can I watch Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet?
A: Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet can be streamed on Apple TV+.

Q: Can I expect guest appearances from other famous personalities in the gaming industry?
A: While the show primarily focuses on the fictional game development studio, it may feature guest appearances from notable individuals within the gaming industry.


Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet offers a fresh and entertaining take on the gaming industry. By highlighting the everyday challenges faced by developers, the show aims to provide an authentic and relatable portrayal of the gaming community. With its talented cast and engaging storytelling, Mythic Quest promises to be a delightful sitcom that both gamers and non-gamers can enjoy. Tune in to Apple TV+ on February 7 to embark on this exciting gaming adventure.