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15 Tips for Maximizing Your Experience in Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of the most highly anticipated and expansive games of 2017. With its vast open world, players have the freedom to experience the game in their own unique way. However, this freedom can also be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. To help you make the most of your time in Mordor, we have compiled a list of 15 essential tips to guide you through Talion’s epic journey.

Get Familiar with the Map

Understanding the layout of the game world is crucial for efficient gameplay. Start by purifying all Haedir towers in each region. This will not only provide additional skill points and fast-travel locations but also give you a first-person perspective to scout for collectibles such as Gondorian artifacts and Ithildin words.

Navigate the Caves

Some objectives are tucked away inside elaborate caves, making them harder to find. To easily locate these objectives, hover over the corresponding icon on the map. This will illuminate the entire cave network, helping you find the best entry points.

Embrace Speed

The game world is vast and packed with enemies and activities. To expedite your traversal, utilize the various tools provided by the developers. Fast travel is the most obvious option, but don’t forget about the elven traversal upgrades like Elven Agility and the ability to ride mounts such as caragors and drakes.

Vary Your Combat Tactics

Enemies in Shadow of War are intelligent and can adapt to your fighting style. To keep them on their toes, vary your attacks and take advantage of Talion’s wide range of combat moves. Between executions, vaults, pins, elf-shot, stuns, elven light, and environmental attacks, there are plenty of options to diversify your approach and keep combat engaging.

Keep an Eye on Your Arrows

Talion’s elf-shot bow is a valuable tool in combat. To avoid running out of arrows at crucial moments, pay attention to the minimap. Elf-shot ammo is marked, enabling you to quickly locate and replenish your supply when needed.

Know When to Retreat

Although Talion is a formidable character, knowing when to flee from a battle is equally important. It is better to retreat strategically and preserve your resources than risk dying and empowering your enemies. Look for opportunities to drain health from weaker enemies or use green-iconed worm enemies and rats as valuable sources of health.

Utilize the Summoning System

Talion is not alone in his fight against the orcs. Unlocking the ability to summon spiders, orcs, and mounted beasts can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Use these abilities strategically, especially when facing powerful foes or overwhelming odds.

Adapt to Elemental Weaknesses

Each captain you encounter has distinct vulnerabilities and immunities. To overcome these challenges, upgrade skills with different elemental effects. This way, you can exploit your enemies’ weaknesses regardless of their resistances.

Unlock the “Treasure Hunter” Skill

Unlocking the “Treasure Hunter” skill in the “Wraith” skill tree is essential for efficient gear collection. This skill automatically picks up dropped items as you pass by them, saving you time and effort. However, make sure to unlock the prerequisite skills first.

Keep Your Inventory Tidy

As you progress, you will come across better gear and weapons. To avoid clutter, break down outdated items for Mirian, the in-game currency. Consider keeping legendary (purple) weapons and gear, as they often provide significant bonuses. Keep an eye on your inventory to prevent accidentally discarding valuable items.

Harness the Power of Gems

Once you have enough Mirian, unlock all six gem slots on your inventory screen. Gems provide various benefits, such as increased damage, extra money, and experience. Combine gems of the same type to create higher-level gems, and always equip the highest-level gems available.

Customize Your User Interface

If the game’s user interface becomes overwhelming or distracting, you can toggle various elements to tailor it to your preferences. For example, you can disable tips about Talion’s moves to declutter the screen and focus on the gameplay.

Master the Shadow Strike

The Shadow Strike ability is a versatile skill that allows Talion to teleport to enemies and dispatch them swiftly. It is useful for stealthy approaches, moving around the battlefield quickly, or covering great distances unnoticed. Be cautious not to Shadow Strike into an enemy’s line of sight.

Explore the Nemesis System

The improved Nemesis system is one of the highlights of Shadow of War. Experimenting with its various features adds depth and excitement to your playthrough. Dominate orc captains, level up orcs in fighting pits, and strategize your assault on fortresses. The possibilities are endless and worth exploring.

Play Your Way

Ultimately, the best way to experience Shadow of War is to play it according to your preferences. Embrace the adaptability of the game and explore the world at your own pace. Engage with the Nemesis system, tackle fortresses, and embark on captivating story-based missions when they resonate with you. Remember, even failure can lead to unique experiences tailored to your playthrough.

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  • Q: How do I unlock the Haedir towers in each region?
    A: Reach a new region and purify all Haedir towers to unlock additional skill points and fast-travel points.

  • Q: Are there any particularly useful combat moves I should focus on?
    A: Vary your combat tactics by utilizing a combination of executions, vaults, pins, elf-shot, stuns, elven light, and environmental attacks.

  • Q: How can I quickly replenish my arrows in combat?
    A: Pay attention to the minimap, which marks elf-shot ammo locations. Use your map to quickly navigate to the nearest ammo supply.

  • Q: How do I customize the user interface to suit my preferences?
    A: Toggle various elements of the user interface to maintain an uncluttered and focused screen.

  • Q: What is the best way to progress in the game?
    A: Play the game according to your preferences and adapt your strategy as you progress. Experiment with the Nemesis system, engage with fortresses, and embark on story-based missions at your own pace.