Saturday, 18 May 2024

League of Legends Early Patch 13.22 – Exciting Changes to Champions

While Worlds is in full swing with the Semi Finals teams locked down, Patch 13.22 introduces new changes following up on the Anti-Snowball and Jungling changes from 13.20.

In this patch, we can expect significant adjustments to Janna’s abilities and attack speed buffs for Mages. Additionally, there are some nerfs for overpowered champions like Graves and Briar, as well as minor buffs for others.

Top Lane

The last patch’s nerfs to Dr. Mundo and Tahm Kench are being reversed. Tahm Kench’s previous buff made him stronger than expected, so his bonus health ratio is being decreased slightly. On the other hand, Dr. Mundo’s previous nerfs were too harsh, so he is getting some of his power back.

Bot Lane (ADC and Supports)

Ziggs, who had been causing problems with Hexbombs in the bot lane, is receiving a nerf to his base armor. Senna, who has been dominating the high elo bot lane, is seeing changes to her Piercing Darkness ability, reducing the base damage and healing. Nilah, despite not being a popular pick, is receiving significant nerfs to her Formless Blade and Apotheosis abilities.


Graves and Briar have become overpowered picks due to the recent changes. In response, Riot is nerfing both of them to restore balance in the Jungle. Briar’s nerfs mainly target her lethality builds, while Graves is having his armor reduced.

Mid Lane

Kassadin, a scaling champion, is being nerfed to balance the game pace. His Force Pulse and Riftwalk abilities are seeing AP ratio reductions. Additionally, Patch 13.22 introduces attack speed changes for various mid lane champions, allowing them to feel more comfortable without relying on attack speed shards.

Champion Adjustments

Janna’s abilities are receiving a mini-rework to enhance her play experience. Her Zephyr ability now deals more damage, and her Eye of the Storm shield no longer decays. Janna is also getting tweaks to her base stats and attack range. These changes aim to balance her performance in the bot lane.

For a complete list of changes, you can refer to the official League of Legends patch notes.


Q: When will Patch 13.22 be live?
A: Patch 13.22 is set to go live on November 8th.

In conclusion, Patch 13.22 brings exciting changes to League of Legends, affecting various champions and improving the overall gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to check out our News section for the latest League of Legends and TFT content. Don’t forget to visit Wqaindia for the best guides and champion stats!

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