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15 Unexplained Mysteries in The Division

The Division, developed by Ubisoft Massive, has captured the attention of players with its intriguing storyline surrounding the Dollar Flu and the fate of the Division agents. However, as I explore the streets of Manhattan, I’ve stumbled upon some enigmatic mysteries that go beyond the main narrative. Here are the top unexplained mysteries in The Division that will leave you pondering.

Mystery #1: The Alex Enigma

While engaging in combat with the Rikers gang, I couldn’t help but notice the recurring mention of a certain name – Alex. It seems that every time I take down a member of the gang, his companions cry out, “He shot Alex!” This raises the question: why are there so many Rikers members named Alex? Is it a bizarre prerequisite to join the gang? The level of coordination among them, reflected in their matching attire, adds another layer of intrigue. Could there be a deeper explanation, like a clandestine connection reminiscent of “Fight Club”? Unfortunately, the truth may forever elude me.

Mystery #2: The Rise of Neck Tattoos

The Division offers players a choice of 28 neck tattoos to accessorize their characters. Amidst the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world, the sudden popularity of neck tattoos raises eyebrows. Considering the dire circumstances caused by the infectious disease, one would expect less interest in needle-induced body modifications. Furthermore, who exactly is responsible for the extensive tattooing in this devastated landscape? Nonetheless, it’s comforting to know that having questionable body art doesn’t hinder you from joining a top-secret government agency.

Neck Tattoos

Mystery #3: The Power Source of New York

In the aftermath of the disaster, New York City remains illuminated by the headlights of abandoned cars, despite the absence of a functioning society. It’s perplexing to encounter chirping cellphones and glowing laptops in every corner, considering the battery life struggles we face in our daily lives. The exceptional battery technology that seemingly emerged before the apocalypse sparks curiosity. Perhaps there is a valuable innovation worth discovering within this post-apocalyptic setting.

Mystery #4: Heather Lau’s Hidden Talents

In my quest, I came across Heather Lau, the missing sister of my handler. Surprisingly, she dispatched an attacker effortlessly with a single swing of her acoustic guitar. Such a feat raises questions about Heather’s hidden superhuman strength and her absence from actively saving the city. With an abundance of guitars in her apartment, she possesses the potential to be a formidable hero in our fight to reclaim New York. Perhaps she has her reasons for staying behind the scenes with her musical instrument as a weapon.

Mystery #5: The Excessive Book Collection

One individual encountered during my journey seemed to have an inexplicable obsession with the book titled “Discovering New York.” With eight copies occupying just two bookshelves, it becomes evident that a vast collection of this single book is present. While it’s understandable to have a few copies for reference, the sheer number is baffling. How much knowledge about New York does one person need? Nonetheless, this peculiar fascination adds to the mystique of the post-apocalyptic world.

Mystery #6: Reckless Parking in Manhattan

Parking in Manhattan is challenging, but the haphazard arrangement of cars raises questions. Who is responsible for placing these vehicles in such absurd positions? Does someone pay the meter for these abandoned cars? One could speculate that the purpose behind this arrangement is to clear the streets, but the logistics of deploying a tow truck or crane just to pile up cars seems counterproductive. The peculiarities of this situation leave us with more questions than answers.

Mystery #7: Abandoned Cars Without Obstacles

In times of crisis, people often abandon their vehicles when confronted with gridlock or imminent danger. However, in The Division’s New York City, no apparent obstacles obstruct the roadways. The decision to abandon their cars without pulling over to the side remains a mystery. One would think that even in the face of a civilization-ending virus, basic road etiquette would prevail. Nevertheless, the deserted streets serve as a reminder of the chaos that ensued.

Mystery #8: An Uncanny Encounter

During my journey, I encountered an individual named Alex, who seemed to have an inexplicable ability to phase through a glass door. Unfortunately, he remained tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding this phenomenon. Such occurrences remind me of the intriguing parallel dimension-hopping depicted in the TV show “Fringe.” One can’t help but wonder if there’s more to this phenomenon, hinting at unforeseen plot twists yet to be revealed.

Mystery #9: Division Agents and Homeless Individuals

In an unfortunate encounter, I found myself exchanging a candy bar for the pants of a homeless person. Reflecting upon this interaction, it becomes clear that this is not how disaster relief aid should function. The actions of Division agents, extorting clothing from the most vulnerable, raise ethical questions. It challenges our perception of the agents’ true intentions and morality in this post-apocalyptic world.

Mystery #10: The Moral Ambiguity

Engaging in combat with suspected looters, I find myself questioning the morality of my actions. After eliminating these individuals, I scavenge their possessions for supplies and clothing. Additionally, I enter homes and businesses without permission, looting for resources. These actions prompt self-reflection: am I truly the hero I perceive myself to be, or just a more skilled opportunist navigating a lawless society?

Graffiti in The Division

Mystery #11: The Peculiar Graffiti

Among the remnants of a collapsed society, New York City is adorned with an abundance of graffiti. The artistic expressions portrayed reveal the desperation and chaos prevalent in this post-apocalyptic scenario. While the content of the graffiti may seem unconventional, it serves as a testament to the human need for emotional release during trying times.

Mystery #12: Bland Store Names

The post-apocalyptic shops in The Division often exhibit straightforward and mundane names. While there may be a practical reason for these choices, such as standing out amidst competition, it leaves room to ponder the lack of creativity and diversity in the world of retail. Regardless, it’s the quality of goods and services that matter most in these challenging times.

Mystery #13: Unusual Lights

In this dystopian world, lights are not what they seem. They can be temporarily extinguished by a bullet only to re-illuminate themselves moments later. The origins of these anomalous lights remain a mystery, leaving us to speculate about the existence of nanobots or even magic. It’s a constant reminder that nothing can be taken at face value in this distorted reality.

Mystery #14: Living in the Matrix?

The accumulation of strange occurrences, from repeated books to glitched environments, raises the question of whether we are trapped in a fabricated reality akin to “The Truman Show” or “The Matrix.” The sense of familiarity crumbling under scrutiny hints at a deeper truth waiting to be unveiled. Is there a hidden dimension to The Division’s world that we have yet to discover?

Mystery #15: The Missing Link to “The Division”

The anticipation of a potential connection between The Division and the popular TV show “The Division” leaves fans longing for answers. Speculation arises regarding the involvement of the show’s tough policewomen transitioning into Division agents. While both share the same name, a geographical shift to San Francisco in future expansions could bring about a crossover narrative, heightening the intrigue. The possibility of a DLC that bridges the gap between these two mediums adds another layer of excitement.


Q: Are there any other unexplained mysteries in The Division?
A: We invite you to share your own theories and unanswered questions in the comments below. Join our community of conspiracy theorists as we delve deeper into the enigmatic world of The Division.


The Division’s world is filled with unexplained mysteries that add depth and intrigue to the gameplay experience. From the recurrence of a particular name among gang members to the sudden popularity of neck tattoos, each mystery piques our curiosity. As we navigate through the ruins of New York City, we confront moral dilemmas and uncover anomalies that challenge our perception of reality. The mysteries within The Division keep us engaged, always seeking answers and contemplating the hidden depths of this post-apocalyptic universe.

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