Thursday, 23 May 2024

Anthem Review: A Unique Blend of Action and Storytelling

Anthem, the latest release from BioWare, combines the elements of a cooperative shooter with a captivating single-player story. While the game showcases BioWare’s ambition to create something new, it also struggles to fully reconcile these two styles. Despite its shortcomings, Anthem still manages to deliver an experience that is both intriguing and powerful in its own right.

The World of Anthem

BioWare, renowned for its RPG pedigree, has crafted a world in Anthem that is both inviting and mysterious. Set in an alien land, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction, hunkered down in an old fort. The backdrop successfully conveys a sense of desperation, but the tools provided to players to help save humanity feel disconnected. Instead of swords or battered guns, players are given powered exosuits called javelins, reminiscent of Iron Man. These javelins, Anthem’s standout feature, allow players to feel like unstoppable superheroes, equipped with temporary jet-fueled flight and an impressive arsenal of offensive and defensive capabilities.

Exciting Gameplay and Dynamic Javelins

Anthem’s gameplay mechanics excel in many aspects, particularly with its flight controls. Players can navigate perilously close to rocky terrain, plunge into water like a dolphin, and swiftly transition into a hover to engage enemies with shoulder-mounted rockets and firearms. With time and practice, players can master the controls, maneuvering with precision and developing strategies unique to each javelin class. Whether raining down elemental chaos as the Storm or unleashing machine gun fire as the Ranger, all four javelin types offer an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Missions and Gameplay Loops

Anthem offers a variety of activities, including story missions, character-specific contracts, and free exploration. However, these activities begin to feel repetitive as they follow a similar pattern. Players arrive at a location, face waves of enemies, and often have to retrieve items to activate a device. Despite the intense combat, the gameplay loops can become monotonous over time. The illusion of varied scenarios and high stakes created by characters on the communications channels starts to wear thin. The missions mostly consist of confrontations with enemies in similar environments, with only slight variations in enemy types or the presence of shields.

Co-op Experience and Endgame

Anthem’s four javelin classes are designed to complement each other, but coordination and teamwork are not essential for most of the game. It feels like a single-player experience masquerading as a co-op adventure, until reaching the endgame content. Upon completing the campaign and reaching the level cap, players unlock grandmaster difficulty levels. These challenges truly embody the vision of co-op gameplay, requiring coordinated attacks, combo triggers, and strategic positioning to defeat formidable enemies. The endgame content breathes new life into Anthem and makes the missions and strongholds far more engaging.

Loot and Progression

The rewarding feeling of looting and acquiring new gear is initially satisfying in Anthem. However, after reaching the level cap, the frequency of receiving valuable loot diminishes considerably. Post-mission, players are required to return to the fort, where the single-player story unfolds. Unfortunately, this design choice hampers the cooperative dynamic and offers limited player choice. Conversations often provide binary choices that do not significantly impact the narrative.

Captivating Stories and Technical Hiccups

While Anthem’s side stories are heartfelt and entertaining, the central plotline falls short, featuring predictable drama and a lackluster villain. The game also suffers from technical issues, including instances of teammates being unrevivable, audio cutouts, and occasional crashes. Additionally, long loading times when traveling to the fort or starting missions can be frustrating.


Anthem has the potential to offer an incredible Iron Man fantasy experience. When the combat is intense and the thrusters ignite, the game truly shines. However, its flaws prevent it from becoming the truly captivating and immersive experience it could have been. Despite these setbacks, Anthem still manages to deliver an enjoyable gameplay experience that showcases BioWare’s expertise in storytelling and game design.


Q: Can I play Anthem solo?

A: Yes, Anthem can be played solo, but it truly shines when played cooperatively with others.

Q: Are there different difficulty levels in Anthem?

A: Yes, Anthem features different difficulty levels, with the grandmaster difficulty offering the most challenging experience.

Q: Does Anthem have a satisfying endgame?

A: Yes, the endgame content in Anthem introduces more challenging missions and strongholds, providing a satisfying gameplay experience for players who have reached the level cap.

Q: Will Anthem receive updates and improvements in the future?

A: BioWare has committed to improving Anthem through updates and post-launch support to address issues and add new content to enrich the player experience.

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