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12 Things To Know About Far Cry New Dawn

After the success of Far Cry 5, Ubisoft Montreal is back with a new installment set in the post-apocalyptic world of Hope County. Far Cry New Dawn offers a unique twist on the franchise, with a global nuclear apocalypse setting the stage for a thrilling adventure. In this article, we’ll explore 12 key takeaways from my recent visit to Ubisoft Montreal, where I learned more about this exciting game.

Far Cry New Dawn Comes Out Soon, And It’s Cheaper Than A Standard Game

Priced at $40, Far Cry New Dawn offers a more affordable gaming experience without compromising on quality. According to creative director JS Decant, the game may be slightly smaller in scope compared to Far Cry 5, but it still delivers an action-packed adventure that fans of the franchise will love. Whether you’re into exploration, discovering the details of the previous world, or optimizing your weapons, Far Cry New Dawn has something for everyone.

New Dawn Is A Standalone Title, But You Probably Want To Play Far Cry 5 First

While Far Cry New Dawn can be enjoyed as a standalone title, players who have experienced Far Cry 5 will find familiar elements and continuations of the story. The post-apocalyptic world of New Dawn features repurposed structures from the cult in Far Cry 5, and even cult leader Joseph Seed makes an appearance at the end of the reveal trailer. Decant explains that the team wanted to continue with beloved characters from Far Cry 5 while ensuring accessibility for new players.

This Nuked World Doesn’t Look Dead

Unlike the stereotypical post-apocalyptic environments, Far Cry New Dawn takes a different approach to its setting. Ubisoft Montreal researched the aftermath of a nuclear war and found that after the initial nuclear winter, the planet would undergo a “super bloom” event. This event, which occurs 10 years after the nuclear war, leads to vibrant vegetation reclaiming the planet. Hope County is a colorful and warm place, with flowers and vegetation growing amidst the remnants of destruction. While radiation has caused mutations in wildlife, the overall landscape is teeming with life.

Far Cry New Dawn

You Can Launch Saws At Your Enemies

Far Cry New Dawn introduces a unique weapon called the Saw Launcher. In this world where nothing is being manufactured anymore, everything has a makeshift feel, including the weapons. The Saw Launcher uses circular saws as ammunition, allowing you to launch these deadly blades at your enemies. Upgrade the Saw Launcher to shoot multiple saws at once, and watch as they ricochet off objects and into enemies. It’s a crazy and satisfying addition to the game.

The Main Conflict Is Between The Survivors And The Highwaymen

Far Cry New Dawn revolves around the conflict between two factions: the survivors and the Highwaymen. You play as a character who belongs to a group determined to rebuild civilization. However, the group’s journey is disrupted when they are ambushed by the Highwaymen, a marauding gang that believes the world is beyond saving. As you align yourself with the survivors, your mission is to run the Highwaymen out of town and protect your home base of Prosperity.

You Don’t Spend The Whole Time In Montana

While Hope County, Montana is the primary location of Far Cry New Dawn, the game also allows players to explore other areas of the United States. Following the nuclear event, other parts of the country have also been affected. Expeditions offer players the chance to venture into different regions, such as a Louisiana swamp or an Arizona location, in search of valuable resources. These additional locations provide a refreshing change of scenery while still maintaining the essence of the game.

The Standard Activities Will Feel Familiar To Far Cry Fans

Fans of the Far Cry series will feel right at home with the standard activities available in Far Cry New Dawn. From treasure hunts with unexpected twists to clearing outposts occupied by the Highwaymen, the game offers a range of exciting missions and challenges. And with the colorful and vibrant world of Hope County as your backdrop, these activities become even more immersive and enjoyable.

Outposts Bring An Additional Twist This Time

Outposts, a staple feature of the Far Cry series, come with a new gameplay loop in New Dawn. Once you capture an outpost, it becomes a fast-travel location for you. However, you can choose to send the survivors in the outpost to scavenge for resources, leaving it vulnerable to a Highwaymen takeover. This strategic decision rewards you with additional resources but also increases the difficulty when you eventually have to retake the outpost. It adds an extra layer of depth and challenge to the gameplay.

Enemies Have Designated Difficulty Levels

In Far Cry New Dawn, enemies now have designated difficulty levels ranging from one to three. This indicates how challenging it will be to take them down. If you attract too much attention and raise the alarm level, high-level enforcer enemies will join the fight, adding an extra layer of difficulty and excitement to combat encounters.

New And Familiar Companions Are There For Your Support

If you need assistance during your journey, Far Cry New Dawn allows for cooperative play or the option to bring a Gun for Hire or animal companion with you. These companions offer unique abilities and skills that can turn the tide in your favor. For example, Nana, a grizzled sharpshooter, can unlock abilities like silencing her shots or shooting through cover. Carmina, the daughter of characters from Far Cry 5, is also a companion with her own set of skills and abilities. Additionally, new animal companions, such as Timber the dog and Horatio the giant boar, provide unique advantages in combat and exploration.

The Weapon Wheel Screen Is Streamlined

To enhance gameplay convenience, Far Cry New Dawn features a streamlined weapon and item wheel screen. Now, when you open the weapon wheel, you’ll find consumables and crafting menus listed on the sides of the screen, eliminating the need to switch between different wheels. This improvement allows for quicker access to the items you need in the heat of battle.


Q: When is the release date of Far Cry New Dawn?
A: Far Cry New Dawn is set to launch on February 15th.

Q: Can I play Far Cry New Dawn without playing Far Cry 5?
A: Yes, Far Cry New Dawn can be enjoyed as a standalone title. However, playing Far Cry 5 first will provide additional context and familiarity with the story.

Q: Can I explore locations other than Hope County in Far Cry New Dawn?
A: Yes, Far Cry New Dawn offers expeditions to different parts of the United States, such as a Louisiana swamp or an Arizona location, providing a diverse and exciting gameplay experience.


Far Cry New Dawn delivers an immersive and thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure set in the colorful and vibrant world of Hope County. With its unique gameplay features, engaging storyline, and strategic challenges, this game is sure to captivate both seasoned Far Cry fans and newcomers alike. Get ready to step into a world reborn and embark on an unforgettable journey in Far Cry New Dawn.

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