Saturday, 20 Jul 2024

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Nintendo’s beloved game series, Animal Crossing, has always been met with mixed reactions. Some are captivated by its laid-back charm, while others can’t quite understand its appeal. Animal Crossing: New Leaf may not change the minds of those who aren’t interested in talking to animals and shaking trees, but it does retain the series’ trademark charm that makes even the simplest tasks feel worthwhile.

The Joy of Everyday Tasks

To fully enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s best to play for just 15 or 20 minutes a day. The game doesn’t provide enough daily activities for long play sessions. Most days, you’ll find yourself collecting and selling fruit, mining rocks to find money-spewing ones, digging up fossils, and chatting with the town’s residents. It’s not a high-intensity gaming experience, but it managed to put a smile on my face during most of my time in the game.

A Familiar Experience with a Twist

Animal Crossing: New Leaf doesn’t introduce many new elements to the series, but it’s still a leisurely and enjoyable experience. What sets it apart from its predecessors is the player’s role as the town’s mayor. From the moment you arrive in town, you have a say in how the town is structured. This added freedom allows for customization beyond just your own personal house. As a late-night player, I particularly loved setting a “night owl” ordinance, making stores stay open later. Additionally, raising money for public works projects, like building a bridge or campsite, added a new dynamic to the game.

Play Coins and Fun Surprises

One exciting addition in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the integration of 3DS play coins into the game’s economy. While standard items are still purchased with regular currency, play coins can be used to buy fortune cookies. These cookies often contain “lucky tickets” that can be redeemed for special Nintendo-themed items. I dedicated the main floor of my house to these prizes, showcasing items like the Triforce, a go-kart, and Captain Olimar’s ship from Pikmin. I even managed to score Nintendo-themed clothing like Samus’ helmet and Link’s tunic.

Endless Discoveries and Friendships

Even after spending nearly 30 hours with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I continued to be delighted by new events and surprises. Every time a new character mentioned plans to build something in my town, I got excited. Whether it was a new club, coffee shop, or attraction, it added a touch of freshness to the game’s world. Visiting a friend’s town was also a fun experience, where I could explore their houses, meet their neighbors, and plant new fruit trees.

A Pleasant Escape from the Usual

Critics of the series may argue that Animal Crossing lacks defined goals and challenging gameplay, but that misses the point of what makes it great. Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers one of the most purely pleasant experiences in gaming. It’s a refreshing break from boss fights, competitive multiplayer, and cynicism. Instead, it focuses on clever humor, nurturing friendships, and creating a sense of community. Some may dismiss it as cheesy or directionless, but I found it to be an endlessly charming outlier in today’s gaming landscape.


  1. Can you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf for extended periods?

    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf is best enjoyed in short play sessions of 15 or 20 minutes a day. There isn’t enough content to sustain long play sessions on a daily basis.
  2. What new features does Animal Crossing: New Leaf introduce?

    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf allows players to take on the role of mayor, providing them with more control over the town’s structure and development. It also introduces the use of play coins for special Nintendo-themed items.
  3. Can you interact with other players in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

    • Yes, you can visit other players’ towns and explore their houses, meet their neighbors, and even engage in activities together. It’s a fun way to connect with friends and share experiences.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf may not be for everyone, but for those seeking a relaxing and charming gaming experience, it’s a perfect choice. With its focus on everyday tasks, customization, surprises, and fostering friendships, it offers a delightful escape from the usual intensity found in other games. Embrace the whimsy, humor, and sense of community that Animal Crossing: New Leaf provides, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world that brings joy and relaxation. Visit Wqaindia for more information.