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7 Exciting Changes Coming to Civilization VI’s ‘Rise and Fall’ Expansion

With the upcoming release of Civilization VI’s expansion, Rise and Fall, players can expect a plethora of new features, tweaks, and additions to enhance their gameplay experience. In this article, we will dive into the details of some of these exciting changes that are set to hit the shelves on February 8, 2018.

New Civilizations and Leaders

Rise and Fall introduces eight new civilizations and nine new leaders to the game. Each of these civilizations will be revealed on the official site in the weeks leading up to the release. Players will have the opportunity to explore and play as these new cultures, bringing fresh gameplay strategies and dynamics to the table.

New Units and Upgrades

Not only will players have access to new civilizations, but they will also discover a wealth of new units to command on the battlefield. Additionally, upgrade paths for existing units have been revamped to provide a smoother progression throughout the game. No longer will there be gaps or inconsistencies in the unit upgrade paths. For example, the scout path now includes a Spec Ops unit with the ability to paradrop, and the medic path gains supply convoys. These changes ensure a more balanced and strategic approach to unit development.

Golden, Dark, And Heroic Ages Change Everything

Ages play a significant role in Rise and Fall, introducing a new mechanic that adds depth to the game. Players will experience different ages, including golden ages, regular ages, and dark ages, depending on their performance. Golden ages offer substantial benefits, while dark ages present challenges that players must overcome. However, by transitioning from a dark age to a golden age, players can trigger a Heroic Age, unlocking powerful advantages. Era points, earned through significant achievements in the game, determine the player’s age. A new timeline feature keeps track of these historical moments, effectively storytelling the progress and development of each civilization.

Loyalty Matters

The loyalty system in Rise and Fall is interconnected with the age mechanic, creating a dynamic gameplay experience. Loyalty functions as a parallel system to the management of population happiness. Dark Ages will impact your civilization’s loyalty among your people, requiring careful management. Cities that experience significant loyalty issues may break away from your empire, becoming free cities that can be captured by other nations. Players can utilize various strategies, either openly or covertly, to influence a city’s loyalty and potentially acquire it without resorting to military force. Golden ages boost the loyalty of the entire population, while dark ages leave players vulnerable to external influence.

Game Changing Governors

Governors are new and influential units that can greatly impact a player’s civilization. Each player can have up to seven governors, which can be distributed among cities or focused on a single city to increase their power and influence. For example, a finance specialist governor can enhance economic potential, trade, and borders. These governors also contribute to raising the loyalty of their respective cities and can be employed to erode the loyalty of rival territories.

Introducing Emergencies

Emergencies introduce an exciting and unpredictable element to the gameplay. When a significant event, such as an impending nuclear launch, occurs, an emergency can be declared. Emergencies provide an opportunity for players to band together and prevent a civilization from gaining too much of an advantage. However, if the players fail to halt the impending disaster, the targeted civilization receives bonuses that allow them to push forward. This system focuses on international incidents that capture the attention of all players, rather than solely on the leading civilization.

Alliances Matter More Than Ever

Alliances have been revamped and improved, offering players the ability to form different types of alliances, such as research or economic alliances. Maintaining and nurturing these alliances over time will yield rewards, allowing players to level up their alliances and unlock significant upgrades and bonuses.


Q: When will Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion be released?
A: The expansion will be available on February 8, 2018.

Q: How many new civilizations and leaders are being added?
A: The expansion adds eight new civilizations and nine new leaders.

Q: What changes have been made to unit upgrades?
A: Upgrade paths for existing units have been improved to provide a smoother progression throughout the game.

Q: What are the different ages in Rise and Fall?
A: Players can experience golden ages, regular ages, and dark ages, depending on their performance.

Q: How does the loyalty system work?
A: Loyalty is a crucial aspect of Rise and Fall, affecting a player’s civilization and potentially leading to the creation of free cities.

Q: How do governors impact gameplay?
A: Governors are powerful units that players can utilize to enhance their cities and influence loyalty.

Q: What are Emergencies?
A: Emergencies introduce unexpected events and challenges that players must deal with collectively.

Q: How have alliances been improved?
A: Alliances now offer greater flexibility and rewards for long-term commitment.


Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion brings a wealth of new content and exciting changes to the game. With new civilizations, units, and mechanics, players will have even more depth and strategy to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned Civilization player or new to the franchise, Rise and Fall promises to provide a captivating and immersive experience. So mark your calendars for February 8, 2018, and get ready to shape the destiny of your civilization like never before!

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