Tuesday, 23 Jul 2024

11 Simple Changes to Enhance the Destiny Experience

Destiny, the popular game developed by Bungie, has captivated millions of players around the world. While the game offers a thrilling and immersive experience, there are a few areas where players feel there is room for improvement. In this article, we will explore 11 simple changes that could elevate the quality of life for all Destiny players.

Increase Vault Space

One of the common frustrations that players encounter is running out of space to store their arsenal of items. By expanding the vault space, Bungie could alleviate this issue and provide players with more room to keep a diverse range of weapons and gear.

Vault Space Image

Stop Repeating Maps

Repetitive gameplay experiences can dampen the excitement of exploration. Players would greatly appreciate it if Bungie could implement a code that prevents them from encountering the same Strike or Crucible map twice in a row. This would promote variety and enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Auto-fill Spots In Strikes

When a player abandons a Strike mission, it creates a sense of guilt among the remaining players. Bungie could address this issue by automatically filling in empty spots with players waiting in the queue, similar to how it is done in Crucible matches. This would ensure smoother gameplay and eliminate the need for players to leave their teammates hanging.

Zap AFKers In Strikes

Nothing is more frustrating than having a teammate who is inactive during a Strike mission. To combat this issue, Bungie could implement a system that detects players who fall behind a certain distance for an extended period of time and kicks them from the game, replacing them with a new active player. This would ensure that all players actively contribute to the mission’s progress.

Lower The Cost Of Heavy Ammo Synthesis

A bug related to heavy ammo loss has been a persistent problem in Destiny. Until a permanent fix is implemented, players suggest that Bungie temporarily lower the price of Heavy Ammo Synthesis. A fair price, according to players, would be around 500 Glimmer. This adjustment would make it easier for players to replenish their heavy ammo without breaking the bank.

Offer Quick Travel To Tower

Navigating to the Tower, Destiny’s social hub, can often feel like a tedious process. Players suggest that Bungie incorporates a quick travel option that allows them to directly teleport to the Tower whenever they have the option to go to orbit. This would save time and make the overall experience more streamlined.

Allow Us To Skip Movies

Forgetting to leave a mission before a cutscene begins can be a frustrating experience, as players are forced to sit through a movie they have already seen. To address this, Bungie should enable players to skip movies and cutscenes, allowing them to jump straight into the action.

Make The Weekly Heroic And Nightfall Different Activities

Playing the same Strike repeatedly can become monotonous. To showcase the vast universe of Destiny, players suggest that Bungie differentiates the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall activities, offering unique experiences for each. This change would inject new life into the game and provide players with fresh challenges every week.

Reroll Vendor Gear

In order to keep the game evolving and exciting, players propose that vendors periodically offer weapons with rerolled perks. This would give players the opportunity to experiment with different loadouts and find new ways to dominate their enemies.

Create An Ascendant Material Exchange

Players have accumulated an abundance of Ascendant Shards and Energy that often go unused. To provide more value to these resources, Bungie could introduce a vendor or system that allows players to exchange them for other valuable items or currencies. This would give players more flexibility and enhance the overall economy of the game.

Add Glimmer Rewards to Bounties

The introduction of “Extraction” Zone bounties has made Glimmer farming a popular activity. To prevent this from becoming a repetitive chore, players suggest that Bungie adds a Glimmer reward of approximately 200 Glimmer per bounty. This adjustment would make the process more rewarding and enjoyable.

While implementing these changes would greatly enhance the Destiny experience, players also have a few additional suggestions. They would love to see Bungie introduce transmogrification for armor and weapon decals, allowing players to customize their appearance. Additionally, having the ability to exchange weapons between characters through weapon holds in ships would be an incredible addition.


Q: Are these changes confirmed to be implemented in Destiny?

A: These are suggestions from the Destiny player community. Bungie has not confirmed whether these changes will be implemented in the game.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with Destiny news and updates?

A: To stay informed about Destiny news and updates, visit the official website Wqaindia.


Destiny is an incredible game that has captivated players worldwide. By considering these simple changes, Bungie could further elevate the experience and address some of the common frustrations that players encounter. As the Destiny community continues to grow, we can look forward to an even more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.