Thursday, 23 May 2024

League of Legends Patch 13.4: What You Need to Know

Welcome to our comprehensive summary of the latest League of Legends patch, 13.4! In this article, we’ll cover a range of exciting changes, including champion updates, item adjustments, new skins, and more. So let’s dive right in!

Champion Changes and Item Updates

Patch 13.4 brings a variety of champion changes that aim to enhance the gameplay experience. Champions like Ahri and Riven have received buffs, while others like Anivia and Jax have received nerfs. Additionally, updates have been made to items such as Demonic Embrace, Doran’s Shield, Magical Footwear, and Treasure Hunter, which have been popular choices among players.

Patch 13.4 Infographic

Jungle and ARAM Adjustments

Apart from champion and item updates, the patch also introduces changes to the jungle and ARAM game modes. These changes touch upon factors like clear speed, kill experience, and death timers in ARAM. They aim to align the game balance with recent map changes in ARAM, making for a more engaging and fair gameplay experience.

New Astronaut Skins

Are you a fan of the celestial aesthetic? Get ready to explore the cosmos with the introduction of new Astronaut skins! You can now add Astronaut Fizz, Astronaut Ivern, Astronaut Kennen, Astronaut Singed, and Astronaut Xerath to your collection. Whether you prefer to play as cosmic explorers or simply appreciate their stunning designs, these skins are a must-have!

Astronaut Skins

Upcoming Chromas

If you’re looking to customize your Astronaut skins, you’re in luck! We also have a range of chromas for the Astronaut skins. These chromas allow you to add a unique and personal touch to your favorite Astronaut champions. Check out the Astronaut Fizz, Astronaut Ivern, Astronaut Kennen, Astronaut Singed, and Astronaut Xerath chromas to make your champions truly stand out.


Q: Where can I find the complete list of changes in Patch 13.4?
A: For a detailed overview of all the changes, we recommend visiting the official League of Legends Patch Notes.

Q: When will Patch 13.4 be implemented?
A: Patch 13.4 is scheduled to go live on Wqaindia on [insert release date].

Q: Can I still obtain previous skins and chromas?
A: Yes, all previously released skins and chromas will still be available for purchase.


We hope this summary of the League of Legends Patch 13.4 has provided you with valuable insights into the exciting changes coming to the game. Stay tuned for more updates, and may your adventures on the Fields of Justice be filled with victory!

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