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Milio, The Gentle Flame: A Charming New Champion in League of Legends

Milio, The Gentle Flame - the New LoL Champion

Millio Concept Art

Are you ready to be charmed by the newest addition to League of Legends? Inspired by the enchanting art of the Disney movie “Encanto,” Milio, The Gentle Flame, has arrived to captivate players with his soothing flames and cheerful personality.

Who is Milio, the new LoL Champion?

Milio, the Gentle Flame, hails from a remote town in Ixtal, where the value of community is held dear. Embracing his Latin American roots, Milio embodies strong traditional family values, evident in his heartwarming short stories.

Unlike the self-centered and resentful Qiyana, Milio possesses an innocent and curious mindset that infuses his life with boundless joy. His intuitive and innate talent has led him to develop a unique brand of axiom called “Soothing Flames,” a departure from the teachings of the past.

Source: Milio Super Reports

How will Milio be played?

As an enchanter support, Milio provides assistance to his teammates while ensuring his own survival, much like other enchanters such as Sona, Soraka, and Yuumi. However, Milio sets himself apart with abilities that grant increased Autoattack range in his Cozy Camp Fire (W) and a powerful cleansing effect for allies within a wide area of effect in his Breath of Fire (Ultimate).

While Milio’s kit may seem simple, it combines the best elements of many enchanters into one compact champion. Riot has assured us that although he is quite squishy, in the late game, he becomes a utility monster akin to Sona.

Milio Gameplay

Exploring Milio’s Abilities

Milio’s abilities revolve around the use of his flame companions, known as fuemigos. These fiery allies enhance his skills and provide utility, with the exception of his Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q), which offers crowd control through knockbacks and slows.

The fuemigos themselves have a visually diverse presence, adding a unique charm to Milio’s gameplay. For more in-depth details about his abilities, refer to the official rundown.

Source: Fuemigos Concept

Discovering Milio’s Inspiration and Lore

Milio’s design drew inspiration from Latin American culture, incorporating traditional and uncommon musical instruments. His champion theme features renowned artists like Pedro Eustache, known as the Flute guy from the Game Awards.

In terms of lore, Milio comes from a lineage of Axiom Masters. Both of his grandmothers were part of the Yun Tal, with Luné mastering the Fire Axiom and Lupé excelling in Earth’s mysteries. However, a conflict within the Yun Tal led to Luné’s imprisonment in the depths of Ixaocan and Lupé’s exile to the borders of Ixtal. Unbeknownst to Milio, his journey also becomes a quest for redemption.

Source: Vidalion and the Yun Tal

Milio Champion Trailer

Riot recently released an exciting trailer showcasing Milio’s personality as he interacts with his flame companions and offers a glimpse into his captivating gameplay. Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Gentle Flame.

When can you play as Milio?

While an official release date for Milio has not been announced, considering the amount of information already disclosed and his availability on the PBE (Public Beta Environment), expect him to be introduced in patch 13.6, slated for release on March 22.

Expect the Milio Champion Page soon to learn from our community pros the best ways to effectively play the new LoL Champion in our Mobafire guides.


  • Q: What role does Milio fulfill in League of Legends?

    • A: Milio is an enchanter support champion, excelling at assisting teammates and providing utility.
  • Q: Will Milio be squishy like other enchanters?

    • A: Yes, Milio is squishy but becomes a powerful utility monster in the late game.
  • Q: When is Milio expected to be released?

    • A: Although no official date has been announced, Patch 13.6 is expected to introduce Milio on March 22.


Get ready to be enchanted by Milio, The Gentle Flame. This lovable champion brings a refreshing playstyle to League of Legends, with his soothing flames and cheerful outlook on life. Stay tuned for his official release and join the community in discovering the wonders of Ixtal and Milio’s captivating journey.

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